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Could last night’s game have been the Wildcats last for this season? No, surely not! I hope their high RPI might get them into the Big Dance, but finishing 7th in the PAC doesn’t make it seem very likely. If they don’t make it into the NCAA tournament, they’ll at least get an invite to the NIT … I hope.

Let’s hope Lute can get the team back to their winning style next year.


  1. But 23 years! It can’t be over!

  2. Word on the street is that they should get in. But I know if I was on the committee (and not a Wildcat fan) I would hesitate to add them.

    The three things in their favor: Their high RPI, their phenomenal strength of schedule (2nd in the nation last I heard), and record when both the starting guards were healthy (something like 15-5, vs 3-8 when one was out). I understand the committee takes into account all those things.

  3. Anyway, they are a shoe-in for the “consolation tournament” (NIT) if they don’t make the real one.

  4. Hello! Just stoppin’ by to say HI!! Wanted to show the kids your pictures! We sure enjoyed them! Looks like a lot of fun times!

    It is great to be in touch again!

    Thanks for your comments on our blog:)

    With much love, Robyn

  5. Yay! Twenty four straight years! A 10th seed is better than nothing considering how the season went.

  6. Dear Mrs. Reed,

    Yes,I’m sad Gonzo got traded. Yet,I have a new favorite player in Eric Byrnes. I wish I could come over and watch some games with you!!:):)


    P.S. Since moving to Washington four years ago, my baseball coaches have nick-named me “Arizona” because I am still always wearing D-back shirts and hats!

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