2006 Review

It seems as if each year has some major event to make it stand out to me in a special way. I will remember 2006 as the year I left Intel and became a Marvell employee. Intel sold my division (along with our cellular and handheld products) to the smaller company for the price of $600,000,000. Marvell made job offers to the majority of the department employees, and we took our laptops, projects and tools and went off to see if we could make their stock price soar. Stay tuned … we have high hopes!

Lauren celebrated her second transplant birthday this year. She continues to do very well medically, and is making progress in several developmental areas. Her hair has grown back out, and her winning smile and beautiful singing voice are still her best features.

Robin and Ken moved from Anchorage to Boise this year. Realizing Ken was spending much of his time traveling to the lower 48 for his business, they decided a move south was the best thing for their family. Both Ken and Robin have taken staff positions at Capital Christian Center, and Ken also continues with his consulting on the side, but travels less.

Megan at seven, is a ballerina, a voracious reader, a fashion maven, and the best big sister a little boy could have. Two- year-old Steven is a non-stop talker like his mommy was. He’ll try to pronounce almost any big word you give him, and usually come pretty close. He’s also a lover of all things that go VROOOM!

Nathan is an extremely precocious four-year-old who attends preschool, AWANA and Rolly Pollie’s (little gym), as well as helping mommy see to all of Lauren’s therapy sessions.

Brian is very busy juggling work, golf, and family (not necessarily in that order!), and supporting Carrie in her new labor of love. She is working on opening a school for special needs children. She has a dream of combining therapy resources and educational requirements into a Christian, non-profit center so families can help their children reach their full potential. She has made a great start on securing partial funding, staffing, location, and professional support. She hopes to be able to open next fall.

We moved Mom from her assisted living apartment to an adjacent building last summer. She still enjoys the same amenities and dining room so she can continue her games and gab with all of her friends.

The Holsingers were here for Thanksgiving. I will spend Christmas this year at Brian and Carrie’s watching the kids tear into presents, enjoying a family meal, and playing games late into the evening.

As the year winds down, I am once again reminded of the blessings in my life: family, friends, love, faith, and most of all, the Christ child, God’s greatest gift to all mankind. Merry Christmas, everyone.