You remember about a year ago when my business group at Intel was bought out by Marvell? We had 23 mask designers in our Arizona group who went to the new company. Over the next several months, one by one, mask designers left and went back to Intel. By the end of the first year, we had lost eight of those 23. We were down to 15.

Then the layoffs hit, and they cut eight more MDs. That left seven of us. Last week, two more resigned, and this week another two have given notice. I’m beginning to feel like I’m on “Survivor”. I wonder if I’ll win the million dollar prize?

Management is very concerned, to say the least. We have critical projects that need MDs, and preferably MDs with the kind of experience and expertise that we brought from Intel. Although I might not get a million, I do think it is looking like a very good time to ask for a raise. 🙂


  1. I’d say so – and a big one at that!

  2. Hey, you’re Donna Reed, MD

  3. Daryl, you just figured that out?

    Where does it hurt?

  4. I like the new theme. I think I’ll go find one.

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