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Could last night’s game have been the Wildcats last for this season? No, surely not! I hope their high RPI might get them into the Big Dance, but finishing 7th in the PAC doesn’t make it seem very likely. If they don’t make it into the NCAA tournament, they’ll at least get an invite to the NIT … I hope.

Let’s hope Lute can get the team back to their winning style next year.

I’m not sure what to call what I’m doing to my laundry room. It’s not remodeling, because no construction is taking place. It’s not redecorating, because you don’t really “decorate” a laundry room. I guess I’m giving it a face lift — new paint and flooring. It has never been redone since we bought this house 21 years ago. I pulled everything off the shelves, pulled up the old tile, and started painting last weekend. Today, I got the rest of the painting done, and half the new tile laid. I’m putting in the same that I used in the bathroom.

But that’s not what made it a good day. That was a lot of work! I’m tired out tonight, and still have more to do tomorrow. No, it was the overtime win against Stanford that offset all that wearying work. What a game! Up by 19 points early in the second half, and we let Stanford come back to tie it up with six seconds left. I think if six of their players had not been suffering from food poisoning, we would have had our clocks cleaned. But in the end, we pulled it out and got the “W”. That makes 20 going into the conference tournament, enough to get us into the Big Dance.

Diamondbacks spring training has begun. With Randy Johnson back, but Gonzo gone, it could be an interesting year.

This is the time of the year when there’s almost more on TV than I can keep up with. All of my favorite fall shows are really ramping up for the second half of the season, plus there are several shows starting their new seasons now. Maybe it’ll be a good thing if the Wildcats don’t make it to March Madness so I have more time to watch Lost, Heroes and American Idol. NO! Perish the thought! After 22 consecutive years, that’s almost unthinkable. However, at this point, it’s looking more and more like they may need to win the Pac-10 tournament to secure a seed. The way they’re going, it’s not guaranteed they’ll get an at-large bid.

Today’s loss to UCLA was sad enough, but it was also the seniors’ last home game. Sigh! It has not been the fun year we thought it would be back in December.

I’ve received a couple of citations, so I guess it’s time to put down some “random thoughts and updates”. It’s not like I haven’t been working at the computer at all for the past few weeks. I’ve been busy typing my recipes. I have 44 pages, and now I’m trying to figure out how to post them on my website.

I’ve also been in minor mourning. The Wildcats have turned into a great frustration this last week. They better beat UCLA today if they want to hang onto any appealing ranking. I’ve read blogs and comments and articles touting both the positives and negatives of their recent play and future potential, so I’ll just wait and see. And keep cheering. Go ‘Cats!

My job is going well. I like Marvell. The perks and benefits are as good as Intel’s, except for a couple of things. One gal found out this week they don’t pay your salary while you are out on jury duty. She said she will feign prejudice when being questioned so she doesn’t end up on a long trial. Have I mentioned we have lost three mask designers back to Intel? I still can’t figure out why people are so eager to leave Marvell and go back to the company that sold them, especially when Intel is not through cutting headcount.

I had a nasty cold right after Thanksgiving, and during a violent coughing fit, I caused either pleurisy or a broken rib. It’s been almost 7 weeks, and still hurts to sneeze.

As a closer, I have to mention the weather. It’s cold and rainy here. But it makes me feel cozy. Every evening, I start a fire in the fireplace, light a bunch of candles, turn the lights down low, curl up with my favorite TV shows (American Idol, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Ugly Betty, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, …) and watch until time to go to bed under my new snuggly down comforter. You can’t do that when the weather is 115 outside!

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Several months ago, I read a news article speculating that Luis Gonzalez might not be coming back to the Diamondbacks next year (his contract expired this year and there was an expensive option on it). If that was the case, they hoped the community would buy out the house and give him the send off from our Valley that he deserved. I immediately bought 2 tickets for today’s game. Just a few weeks ago, the speculation was proven true when the D-backs owners told Gonzo his option would not be picked up.

I went to the game this afternoon and stayed for the celebration afterwards. They honored Gonzo, Craig Counsell and Miguel Batista, all long time team members who won’t be playing for us next year. All three were a huge part of our 2001 World Championship team. Gonzo’s final hit brought in the run that won it all for us that year.

It was a packed house, and the roar of the crowd everytime #20 stepped to the plate must have been heard from miles away. He has not only been one of our favorite players, setting and breaking records regularly, but he is also one of the nicest and most charitable citizens any community could have.

Gonzo, we’ll miss you! We hope to see you continuing your career for many years, and no matter what team you are playing for, the Arizona fans will be rooting for you!

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