2023 Review

I started the new year with a plumbing leak. It’s not the kind of home updates one likes to do, but for a 44 year old house, I can’t really complain too much about occasional maintenance and repairs. The nice side benefit was I took the opportunity to repaint my laundry room and update the tile flooring.

As I previewed in last year’s review, I had my colostomy reversal surgery in March. All went exceedingly well, and I was home from the hospital after just two days. I feel totally back to normal and healthy, and my doctor says I don’t need another colonscopy for ten years.

The annual L.I.F.E Golf Tournament was another great success. I invited a friend, a former Intel co-worker, to sit with me on the 7th hole to watch for any $10,000 Hole in One winners. Sadly, no one came closer than a foot to the pin, but it was a lovely day out on the course, and tens of thousands of dollars was raised for the center.

In May, our Lafferty family grew by one when Derek & Kelsey welcomed Dorian Chen Lafferty into the world. This is Daryl & Gisele’s first grandchild, adding to the excitement of the new baby in town.

We celebrated two graduations in May. Lauren completed state requirements for special needs graduation, and LIFE held a ceremony for her and one other student. It was heartwarming to be able to recognize the hard work these young people have accomplished and celebrate with them and their families. Two weeks later, I joined Carrie, Diana (Lauren’s therapist) and Bev (a family friend) on a trip to Disneyland. The last time Lauren went to Disneyland was in 2019, and we all thought it might be her last. But she has amazed us with her fortitude, and seemed to really enjoy the magic of the parks as much as ever.

Steven graduated from Eagle High School in May, and I flew to Boise for the ceremony, which was held on Memorial Day weekend. A few Holsinger family members came to town and there was a big party with lots of balloons, yummy food, and noisy young people to fill the day with joy.

The Valley of the Sun endured its hottest year on record, and with temps continually reaching nearly 120°, I couldn’t wait to head north to cooler country. I spent about 6 weeks camping in Minnie on the Mogollon Rim and in the White Mountains near Springerville with Dale. We had nice cool weather (especially in the mountains), and lots of rain. Better rain than wildfires, so we’ll take it.

After dreaming of new wood flooring for a couple of years, I finally completed the big project in September. It really made a difference in the look of my house, and I’m very pleased.

Dale had knee replacement surgery in October, and he stayed with me during his recovery. It’s always nice to have him around as I enjoy his company and he was a good patient. He got back to walking without a walker or even a cane in record time, and was able to move out to Quartzsite in his Minnie the week after Thanksgiving.

L.I.F.E. held their annual Casino Night in November, another successful fund raising event, and we all had a great time.

Carrie and I made a quick sneak away trip to Disneyland in December for our Christmas decor fix. We dropped Hanna off with Dale on our way through Q, and picked her up on our way back. She loves Dale, and he gave her lots of love, walks and treats for three days.

The holidays were low key, spent with Brian & Carrie’s family. We had a full family gathering on the 26th, but I had a mild cold, so I wore a mask and kept my distance from folks. That meant I couldn’t snuggle the baby, but I got to see him (and everyone else) from a distance.

Next year includes a very exciting 10 day cruise, as I am going to the Mediterranean with Brian, Carrie & Nathan. We are cruising Norwegian Cruise Lines and booked a Haven suite and first class airline tickets. I only have about a quarter of my life left, so I’m working on completing my bucket list in style. My kids keep encouraging me to go ahead and spend their inheritance, so I am taking them up on it!

I hope your 2023 was full of good times and good health. May we all be blessed in 2024.