1. The Sun Devils and reporters for the Tribune are not very satisfied with the selection. Reading their comments will make many, many ASU fans more angry, disappointed and outraged.

  2. The Sun Devil fans have some good points, but it’s not like the selection committee cheated them. They chose to play cupcakes early in the season, and ended up with a strength of schedule in the 200’s. The committee has made it clear in previous years that they reward that. With the U of A’s SOS of 2 they had a clear advantage.

    It will be nice if they win a game or two…

  3. I’m glad to see that ASU won the opening round game of the NIT last night.

    (Really — I don’t hate ASU unless they are playing against UofA — or competing with them for the last place in the real tournament)

  4. I’d like to be happy for them, but their wacko fans make it really hard. I need to stay away from the fan forums because I get so disgusted with their vicious comments and name calling.

    But, yes, a strong ASU team is good for the entire Pac 10 program, and good for UA.

  5. Oh, well… one and done. At least our streak lives on. I’m looking forward to next year, but am skeptical whether Bayless and Buddinger will be back. Lute’s return could be incentive, but so could the $$$ from the NBA. We’ll have to see. Go Cats.

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