2008 Review

Another year draws to a close, and my trusty blog is here to remind me of all the events that took place. Reading back through the monthly posts, I am reminded it was a good year, with lots of family time, job security, health and happiness.

January I spent the week after Christmas in Boise with the Holsingers. I flew up the day after Christmas, and home on New Year’s Eve. I rang in the New Year in front of the fireplace and TV.

February The UA Wildcats were minus Lute Olson this year. He announced a personal leave of absence at the start of the season, and Kevin O’Neill took over interim duties. They had an up and down season and we sweated out NCAA selection Sunday until we heard the news. The streak continues!

March Lauren spent a week in the hospital, while the doctors tried to figure out why she was declining and suffering multiple seizures. They never did come to a confident diagnosis, but her symptoms subsided over the next few months, and by this past fall, she is back to her healthy, happy self.

Robin and the kids came to town in March.They were longing to get out of the cold and snow while Ken was on a business trip.  We played in the park, went swimming at Mom’s apartment pool (Fellowship Square), and relaxed with the kids.

May I made another trip to Boise for Megan’s recital. She takes both ballet and tap, and improves every year. She is a fourth grader, an excellent student and a beautiful young lady — both inside and out.

The L.I.F.E. annual golf tournament raised $60,000. The center has expanded into additional space, and opened a pre-school this year. The enrollment and staff numbers continue to climb. It is certainly a huge success.

July Glenda and I made a little vacation trip to California.  We spent a day in San Diego, stopped to see Richard and Dianna at San Onofre State Beach, and went to Disneyland. It was a great getaway from the triple digit temperatures here in the Valley.

August Nathan started kindergarten at Paragon Science Academy, a charter school for gifted children. He is doing exceptionally well, and already reading at second grade level. He still loves to spend the night at Nonna’s, and we have a lot of fun together.

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics were breathtaking, to put it mildly. History was made when Michael Phelps won eight gold medals.

September I made my third trip to Boise, just in time for Steven’s fourth birthday. That boy is growing up fast, but maintains his sparkle and mischief. Robin has a family blog, and could keep it overfilled with Steven-ism’s alone.

October A visit from Alice was the highlight of the month. We had a wonderful time catching up, visiting with mutual friends, and going to church together.

Lute Olson was back from his leave just long enough to announce his retirement due to health reasons. The UA will be hard pressed to fill his shoes, and he will be long remembered for putting UA basketball on the map.

November The 2008 election gave us our first black president. Barack Obama has a challenging job ahead of him with our sinking economy and continuing threat of terrorism, but the nation has shown they have confidence in his ability to do that as evidenced by the overwhelming vote in his favor.

I celebrated a low key Thanksgiving and spent a day trying my hand at pottery with Glenda. I could get addicted… it’s that much fun!

December Marvell is doing a two week shutdown over the holidays to cut some business expenses, and since I have plenty of vacation, it is very welcome indeed. I plan to round out the year with one more trip to Boise, as I am going to spend Christmas with the Holsingers. I’m flying up on the 19th in time to see Megan perform in the community holiday ballet, “Charlotte’s Web”. She is playing a katydid this year. I’ll fly back home the day after Christmas and get together with Brian’s family and Mom for a Christmas celebration with them that weekend.

Yes, it was a good year. I hope yours was, too. I pray 2009 will bring more blessings. This Christmas, may God open our minds to His wonders, our hearts to His love and our lives to His presence. Have a joyful holiday!