I know it’s been a long time since I posted (according to the blog police), but I refused to write about nothing, and that’s what has been blog worthy around here for the past month. Until this weekend. Whew! I’m exhausted. But I have a new floor and fresh paint in my kitchen.

Saturday morning, I rented a tile stripper from Home Depot (who got quite a lot of my money this weekend). It only took an hour and a half to totally strip the old tile. Just as I got it all gathered up and dumped in the trash can, Glenda called and said she was on her way over to help me. I tried to protest that she didn’t need to come work so hard on a holiday weekend, but she said, “I want to!” Well, between the two of us, we sanded and scrubbed the entire floor on our hands and knees. Then we emptied all the counter tops and removed the baseboards, window coverings and hardware in preparation for paint.

After church on Sunday, we headed back to my house to paint. Glenda did the cutting and I did the rolling, and we made a darn good team (if I do say so myself!) We painted the whole kitchen in 3 hours. Glenda had to leave around 4:00 to take her elderly father out for dinner. I took a good look at the paint on the walls and decided the color wasn’t right! (I do that almost every time I paint! 🙁 ) So I headed back to Home Depot for a quart of darker color to mix with what I already had, and then totally repainted the whole thing before bed. (It went pretty fast because the first coat had acted as a primer.) I’m much happier with the color now.

Monday morning (Labor Day), just as I started laying the new tile, Glenda showed up again. She helped me lay the entire floor! We made a great team, and it looks beautiful. And we didn’t get lost once! 😉

Next weekend, Brian is going to help me put in new baseboards, and I’m going to make some new window coverings. THEN I’ll take pictures and post them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Glenda! I love you! You’re the BEST!!!

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