Mom and I went to Daryl and Gisele’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Brian and Carrie and the kids came over too, but since they had eaten turkey dinner with her folks just a couple hours before, they just nibbled at the meal. Brian and Nathan each managed to put away a piece of pie later.

Carrie’s folks had taken them out to eat at the country club at Trilogy, so they didn’t get any leftovers from them. We didn’t take home any turkey leftovers from Daryl and Gisele’s either, because I had a turkey thawing in my refrigerator at home. Today, I roasted it, along with dressing, mashed potatoes and squash. With some banana bread and pie from Thursday, we had a nice little second Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon, with plenty of leftovers for both our households. Now we can have sandwiches, casseroles and soup all week. I even have one piece of chocolate pie and one piece of apple pie for tomorrow.

I think I will need some bigger jeans by the end of next week!

It is so wonderful to come home from work and not have dozens of political messages clogging up my voice mail. No political postcards filling up my mail box. No nasty political commercials stinking up my TV. As soon as all the candidates get their signs taken down from the street corners, the landscape will look a whole lot better, too.

Whew! Am I glad it’s over!!

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