That’s what it seemed like today at our new hire orientation for Marvell. As we arrived, they handed us two new shirts (one T-shirt and one polo shirt) and a travel mug, all with Marvell logos. We picked up our breakfast (pastries, coffee and juice) and headed into the first part of the overview. The second slide in the presentation was a recap of Marvell’s quarterly results. Marvell employees had all received a digital camera as a thank you. Oh, and by the way, welcome to Marvell … you all get a camera, too!

Lunch was included in the day, and in the afternoon we filled out all of our paperwork. As soon as we turned it in, we were handed a nice backpack with a Marvell logo (which will carry our laptops), and the camera was inside. I opened my backpack and pulled out a Nikon Coolpix S7c. Now that’s a nice welcome gift, huh?


  1. WOW! A 7.1 megapixel camera as a welcome gift? I think you’re going to like Marvell


  2. That’s really great. When I started with Perot Systems all I got was a paperback copy of one of Ross’s books…. and it wasn’t even signed!


  3. Boy, I’d ask for a refund, Richard!


  4. Your children don’t update their blogs very often. Can’t you nudge them? Mainly the one that just moved back to the lower 48.


  5. You’ve been at Marvell for a couple weeks now. How about a new post to tell us all how it is going.


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