We had a great Thanksgiving week. The Holsingers were in town to celebrate with us. On Monday, we all went to Brian and Carrie’s for pizza and play. The kids got re-acquainted (and newly acquainted with Carsten), and we adults had some good catch-up conversation. Steven thought he was in heaven when he was let loose in the playroom. Just imagine a fully contained, childproof room full of toys, games and videos. (It was heaven for the adults too, when we could simply let him play to his heart’s content without worrying about what he was getting into.)

We had turkey dinner at my house this year … the first time in at least a decade. We always eat at Daryl & Gisele’s because they have a bigger house. But this year, I wanted to try it. With Robin’s very creative help, we fixed up a lovely table and dinner to serve to our crowd of twelve. There were the Holsingers, Laffertys, Mom, Glenda and Doug, and me.

Thanksgiving table Table

We tried Wolfgang Puck’s honey-brined turkey this year, and it was delicious. Everyone who came asked me if there would be any chocolate pie. I was tempted to let them all think this was the year that pigs would fly. Because that’ll be the year our family has a holiday without silky chocolate pie. Yes, OF COURSE there was chocolate pie! There were also caramel apple and pumpkin pies.

My first week at Marvell went very well. I simply picked up on my project right where I had left off before packing up from Intel. We had a few glitches with licenses and some of the software, but nothing we couldn’t work around temporarily. The offices are much more open and some people are complaining about lack of privacy. But I think we just need to get used to them. My OfficeView from my officeMarvell likes to encourage lots of teamwork and they believe the open office environment is more conducive to that. This week, they sent out a questionnaire for jacket sizes. Marvell gives Christmas gifts. So far, I really like my new employer.

There are some more photos taken this week posted on my gallery.


  1. I looked at your turkey link. That sure looks like a lot of work but I bet it was good!


  2. I really wanna come have a holiday in AZ. It’s been a really long time. Maybe next year…


  3. We’d love to have you, Joc. (And Eric, too!)


  4. Beautiful table. I like the pine cones with the name tags. I wanna come too.


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