The deal closed. Intel: out. Marvell: here we come!

We turned in our laptops this afternoon, and our badges were inactivated before we even got out the door. Since we can’t get back in there, and the Marvell offices aren’t ready for us until Tuesday (plus we don’t have our laptops until then either), we get a free day off tomorrow. We are still on Intel’s payroll until Sunday, so they are picking up the tab for that extra day.

Monday is new hire orientation at an off-site facility. We’ll fill out all our paperwork, select our insurance plans, hear a business update, and have a group photo taken. They are also putting together a time capsule to be opened in 2-3 years, whenever we move to a new building (we’re just leasing this one). We’re each invited to put something in; a photo, newspaper clipping, chip layout plan, staff list, or whatever will signify the “time” (as in “time” capsule – get it? ;) )

I was very nostalgic today, especially as I took my last lunchtime walk all around the campus, visiting several of the office locations I have been in (I’ve moved ten times in my 16 years). Then I slipped out the back door so I wouldn’t have to turn in my [inactivated] badge. I want to keep it as a souvenir. I thought I would choke up by the time I got to my car, but I didn’t. I guess I was already thinking about that extra day off…

And I am looking forward to the new adventure!


  1. One final thing they told us today is that Intel retained the rights to the “XScale” trademark, so we’re not sure what our products, or our group, will be called now.


  2. I’m sure it’s sad in some ways to be leaving, but considering the recent changes and uncertainties, I’m sure a lot of people wish they were going with you.

    I bet you’ll look back on this day in 5 years and think “How well events worked out for me!”


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