Today was supposed to be the close date for the Intel – Marvell deal. It didn’t happen. We were notified yesterday at about noon that the deal would not finalize on the first, but possibly on the second. Today they told us we would have a minimum of 48 hours notice. That means it won’t be closed by the end of this week. They claim they are still negotiating certain business aspects and some third party agreements.

We have seen in the news rumors of a leveraged take over or buy-out of Marvell, by a few different companies. Texas Instruments is named as one. Whether the rumors are true or not remains to be seen. And if it happens, what it will mean for the 1400 Intel employees going to Marvell remains to be seen also. Only time will tell.


  1. Are you any closer to knowing whose employee you’ll be? Back still okay?

  2. Are you there yet?

  3. Not yet. And we still haven’t even gotten the 48 hour notice!

  4. So, are you still working or are you just sitting around with naked laptops?

  5. Working harder than ever. We’re taking all of our current projects with us to Marvell, plus will have a more aggressive schedule, so there is no rest for the weary! We’ll have a few days down time during the move, but then it’s right back at it.

    They sent out the 48 hour notice late last night. It’s supposed to be on for a Thursday close.

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