Glenda and I LOVE … MY … GPS!!! We (might have) made a couple of wrong turns today, but it got us right back on track. It found us a gas station, fast food joint, our hotel and a Denny’s. We had a horrendous downpour north of Page, and turned on the windshield wipers. The driver’s side wiper split after about six swipes. So we used the trusty Nuvi to find an auto parts store and the salesman even put the new blades on for us.

We are in a lovely Hampton Inn in Provo tonight. We should pull into Robin and Ken’s tomorrow sometime in the mid-afternoon.

As everyone has heard, I have a new grandson! Andrew Lewis Reed was born June 12 at 10:12 a.m., weighing 7 lbs 6 ozs and was 21 inches long. His proud parents are Brian and Carrie. Andrew is adopted … a “chosen” baby … grown in the heart instead of Carrie’s tummy. His birth mother is a 24 year old girl who was originally going to keep Andy. But as she began to calculate her finances and the cost of trying to be both mom and dad to him while working and getting her college degree, she realized he would be much better off placed with a loving and Christian two parent family who could afford to meet his needs (and many of his wants!)

Andrew’s is an open adoption; they will have contact with Ashley as the baby grows up. They met together before he was born to work out a “covenant” agreement, and at that time Ashley expressed her desire to breastfeed. Carrie is a strong advocate of the advantages of mother’s milk, and so they mutually agreed that Ashley will pump milk for Andy for the first few months. Carrie made the first “milk run” when Andrew was 6 days old (Ashley lives about 60 miles away) and picked up about 30 two ounce packets of frozen milk. Andrew has taken to it voraciously.

We’re told his father had red hair, but so far Andrew’s is dark brown. He has fine features, blue eyes, a beautiful nose, and the sweetest disposition of any baby anywhere. In his first week he was held by at least 30 different people, as all the relatives, friends and L.I.F.E. staff paraded through the hospital and later the family room to see and hold this new little star of the show.

Nathan is as excited as any big brother could possibly be. He wants to hold him, give him his bottle and decide when he should be put in his cradle for a nap. He will wiggle toys and wind up music boxes whether Andrew is awake and in the room or not. He is happy to bring diapers and wipes when Andrew needs changing, but stops short at getting his own hands into the dirty work. 😉

Lauren doesn’t seem to notice Andrew yet, but Carrie says she loves to watch other babies that are doing things. So we’re sure she will begin to show interest as Andrew gets bigger and starts moving around. She’s such a sweetie and is in a very mellow stage of her development, so she’s easy to have around with a new baby in the mix. I’m sure things will be challenging when one or more are sick or fussy, but what family doesn’t deal with that?

I’m trying to get in as much holding time as I can this week because I”m leaving on Friday for a summer road trip to Portland. Glenda and I are going up to see Alice, and driving through Boise to spend a couple of nights with Robin and family. I’ll blog along the way. As you are aware, when Glenda and I get on the road together, we have lots of adventures and getting lost is sure to be one of them! (Do you think I should consider buying a GPS before heading out. 😉 )

Here’re some pictures. Enjoy, and feel free to lavish compliments!

Just a few hours old

Proud new mommy & daddy

Nonna’s first look

Ashley & her grandma give a tearful goodbye

Nathan holding Andrew for the first time

(I’m not sure if Andrew is crying or yawning. We’ll give Nathan the benefit of the doubt and say yawning.)

Lauren checks out Andrew’s fingers

Nathan helps with the bottle

Heather holds Andrew.

(Don’t know what was wrong with the camera settings. It’s not Heather. She looked perfect!)

Nathan was never far from Andrew the first evening.

The blog police have been after me, but honestly I haven’t had anything exciting happen lately worth blogging about. (Actually, there is family news — a new baby boy on the way — but that’s Brian and Carrie’s blog story, so I’m waiting for them to spill all the details. However, if they don’t write something soon, I’m going to butt in and do it myself! hint, hint Brian!)

But last weekend I suddenly remembered I haven’t blogged about my new computer. After 12 years with my freebie system that I got from Intel, it was time to replace that old HP. I am now the proud owner of a sporty new Dell Studio desktop, with a Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of hard drive space (I’ll NEVER fill a tenth of it!), a R/W DVD drive, and a 21.5″ wide screen HD monitor. It’s a beaut!

Daryl got me all set up when it arrived (a couple weeks ago) and even came over again last Saturday for a maintenance call to tweak of some of my settings, etc. While he was here, I had him help me move some heavy stuff and reprime my washer hose (yes, again!). He’s so handy to have around!

We took Richard’s advice and signed me up for Mozy backups. I have too many photos to back them all up on the free deal (2GB), but I thought I could back them up on DVDs and store them that way. I guess I need to store a copy somewhere besides my house to be really safe (in case of fire or something).

Since regular season TV has ended, I’ve reinstated my Netflix account and am catching up on all the movies that were released this year that I haven’t seen in the theater. I did pay the ticket price to see “UP” yesterday morning in the theater, and I loved it. It is the sweetest love story of an old couple, and a very exciting adventure, too. I admit my fear of heights did creep in once or twice while watching Carl and Russell swing from the garden hose 30,000 feet in the air. The last scene is priceless! I teared up … yes, over an animated flick! Go see it, everyone.

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