The blog police have been after me, but honestly I haven’t had anything exciting happen lately worth blogging about. (Actually, there is family news — a new baby boy on the way — but that’s Brian and Carrie’s blog story, so I’m waiting for them to spill all the details. However, if they don’t write something soon, I’m going to butt in and do it myself! hint, hint Brian!)

But last weekend I suddenly remembered I haven’t blogged about my new computer. After 12 years with my freebie system that I got from Intel, it was time to replace that old HP. I am now the proud owner of a sporty new Dell Studio desktop, with a Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of hard drive space (I’ll NEVER fill a tenth of it!), a R/W DVD drive, and a 21.5″ wide screen HD monitor. It’s a beaut!

Daryl got me all set up when it arrived (a couple weeks ago) and even came over again last Saturday for a maintenance call to tweak of some of my settings, etc. While he was here, I had him help me move some heavy stuff and reprime my washer hose (yes, again!). He’s so handy to have around!

We took Richard’s advice and signed me up for Mozy backups. I have too many photos to back them all up on the free deal (2GB), but I thought I could back them up on DVDs and store them that way. I guess I need to store a copy somewhere besides my house to be really safe (in case of fire or something).

Since regular season TV has ended, I’ve reinstated my Netflix account and am catching up on all the movies that were released this year that I haven’t seen in the theater. I did pay the ticket price to see “UP” yesterday morning in the theater, and I loved it. It is the sweetest love story of an old couple, and a very exciting adventure, too. I admit my fear of heights did creep in once or twice while watching Carl and Russell swing from the garden hose 30,000 feet in the air. The last scene is priceless! I teared up … yes, over an animated flick! Go see it, everyone.


  1. I remember when I got my first 2.5 GB drive and thinking I would never be able to fill it. How things change. My first hard drive was 5 MB. That’s an M for Mega. 😉

  2. My first computer didn’t have a disk drive! It had 4K of memory. That’s K, not meg or gig. The first computer I used had a card reader/punch and was programmed using a large board with wires connected to pins that made the program.

    Sounds like quite a machine Donna. You should be able to do just about anything you want with that.

  3. When I first worked for the American Cancer Society, all the Arizona donor records were all on a 20MB hard drive and I specifically heard the IT manager say, “We’ll NEVER fill that!” It was only a couple months later that we did and it crashed. I guess we gained donors faster than he thought we would. 😉

  4. My first computer was a TI 99, and I played Pong until 2:00 AM more than once. How times change!

  5. WordPress just updated to 2.8. The killer feature of this update is being able to search and install Themes right from inside the Dashboard. Kind of a cool feature. Other than that it looks about like 2.7.

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