Glenda and I LOVE … MY … GPS!!! We (might have) made a couple of wrong turns today, but it got us right back on track. It found us a gas station, fast food joint, our hotel and a Denny’s. We had a horrendous downpour north of Page, and turned on the windshield wipers. The driver’s side wiper split after about six swipes. So we used the trusty Nuvi to find an auto parts store and the salesman even put the new blades on for us.

We are in a lovely Hampton Inn in Provo tonight. We should pull into Robin and Ken’s tomorrow sometime in the mid-afternoon.


  1. Have a great trip Donna, it looks like you are off to a great start!

  2. On one of our trips to the Phoenix area we had our Garmin but the map in it didn’t have the 202. We were driving down that freeway and every 30 seconds or so it would do the “Recalculating…..”. It was cute at first but we finally turned the sound off.

    Our favorite thing about it was in Wisconsin at Joce’s wedding. One of the the roads there was named Route E, 2E. So of course every time the Garmin spoke the name it sounded like Rooty tooty. We cracked up each time. Of course we are easily amused. 😉

  3. What GPS did you get?

    Oh, wait. I see your Twitter up in the corner of this page. Garmin Nuvi.
    Aren’t there different models?

  4. She has said a little more about it on Facebook. Oh yeah, you’re too cool to use Facebook. 😉

  5. Or not cool enough.

  6. Or maybe you’re just too cool…:P

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