In my last week at Intel, I happened to get a pretty good story. I got stuck in the elevator.

I came in early on Monday (because, as you remember, I’m working all those overtime hours). It was almost 6:30. I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the 4th floor. It started up and … BANG!! … bump! … jerk! … stop! I tried to make myself as light as I could. You know, I stood on my tiptoes. 🙂 I didn’t know how high I was and didn’t want to make the car fall. Silly me. I was only around the second floor, but I was stuck! I picked up the Red Phone, and in a few seconds a lady answered, “Security. What’s your emergency?” I explained that I was stuck in the elevator and she dispatched someone immediately. Then she kept me on the phone like 911 dispatchers do until they got me out. It took about 15 minutes, and I was free.

I went on to my office and got to work. I got up a couple times to go get coffee, and go get rid of coffee. Then at about 8:30, my lower back started hurting. I felt an intense muscle spasm coming on like I had last summer. For a while I didn’t link it with the bumping in the elevator, but eventually it did dawn on me. I went down to the nurse, and she put me on ice and made an appointment with the occupational health center at the local hospital and sent me over. They diagnosed a lower back strain and sent me home.

Lying on an ice bag along with taking a muscle relaxant helped ward off a severe episode, and I went back to work the next day. It has been slowly improving day by day, and I think I’m well on the mend now. Good thing, since I have to pack up my office on Monday.
Wednesday is the day we become employees of Marvell.

Yes, I think that’s a pretty good story for my last week at Intel.

We had a “Leaving Intel” party this afternoon. All the employees who are going to Marvell were invited. The strange thing about it is, it was thrown by the people leaving Intel for the people leaving Intel. In other words, we threw a party for ourselves! It was supposed to be for the purpose of relaxing and reminiscing about our years at Intel and anticipating our upcoming adventure at Marvell. But, of course, there was a lot of lamenting going on, too.

The anticipated close date continues to be November 1. We will begin to pack our offices next week and turn in our laptops next Friday so Intel IT can wipe them clean of all proprietary information and software for which they own the licenses. We are supposed to get them back on Monday, November 6 with Windows, MS Office apps, and our saved data files all reinstalled. Most everyone is backing up their data to DVDs as a safeguard. Wouldn’t want to lose all those emails and internet bookmarks!

I’m continuing to work lots of hours as we near the close date. Most weeks, I’m putting in close to 70 hours a week. My paychecks have been looking awfully nice, but I’m sure ready to get back to a normal schedule and have some time to relax. The project people I’ve been putting in all those hours for have told me to call if I ever want to come back to Intel. It is nice to know that my work is valued and appreciated. I’m still optimistic about working for Marvell, but it’s sure great to have those contacts if I ever need them.

And speaking of overtime, I better go get back to work now!

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Several months ago, I read a news article speculating that Luis Gonzalez might not be coming back to the Diamondbacks next year (his contract expired this year and there was an expensive option on it). If that was the case, they hoped the community would buy out the house and give him the send off from our Valley that he deserved. I immediately bought 2 tickets for today’s game. Just a few weeks ago, the speculation was proven true when the D-backs owners told Gonzo his option would not be picked up.

I went to the game this afternoon and stayed for the celebration afterwards. They honored Gonzo, Craig Counsell and Miguel Batista, all long time team members who won’t be playing for us next year. All three were a huge part of our 2001 World Championship team. Gonzo’s final hit brought in the run that won it all for us that year.

It was a packed house, and the roar of the crowd everytime #20 stepped to the plate must have been heard from miles away. He has not only been one of our favorite players, setting and breaking records regularly, but he is also one of the nicest and most charitable citizens any community could have.

Gonzo, we’ll miss you! We hope to see you continuing your career for many years, and no matter what team you are playing for, the Arizona fans will be rooting for you!

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On my way home from Boise last week, I intended to take Highway 14 from Interstate 15 over to Route 89 so I could go south through Kanab, Page and Flagstaff instead of Las Vegas. Well, I somehow missed the turnoff for Highway 14, so decided to take Highway 9 through Zion National Park. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there, but I remembered it as a beautiful site, one our family enjoyed immensely.

After traveling about 10 miles on Highway 9, I saw a sign saying the national park was ahead: entrance fee required. I hesitated, but thought how much could it be? $6? $8? I knew it was pretty, so it would be okay. About 10 more miles, and the entrance sign appeared. Cars – $20! Wow!

I asked the ranger if it really was $20 just to drive through; I was traveling to Phoenix. He explained it was, and said my option was to turn around, go back about 20 miles and go down through Hurricane and Colorado City (can you say Warren Jeffs?). I decided the 20 miles was not worth the $20, so forked over my bucks.

I grrr’ed for about a mile and then decided that was ridiculous! Fussing to myself was not going to get my money back and I might as well enjoy the view. So that’s what I did! It is even prettier than I remembered! I was forced to stop at the tunnel to wait for some wide vehicles to come through from the other end, so I turned off my car, got out and took some pictures like everyone else was doing.

The road through the entire park is only about 20 miles and took me less than an hour, tunnel stop included. But it turned out to be the best part of the drive. Well worth the $20, and then some!

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…a couple of weeks ago to see Robin and Ken’s new home and celebrate Steven’s second birthday. I drove it in two days; it’s just over 1000 miles. I spent the night in a Provo motel, but the next time I’ll look for a place just a little south of there. By the time I got there, it was dark (and raining!) and I stopped three places before finding a vacancy.

Boise is a nice little city. I wouldn’t call it pretty (at least not in comparison to Alaska!), but it seems to be a great community and the Holsinger’s neighborhood is really beautiful, as is their new home. I posted some pictures on my gallery.

With the mega-hours I’m putting in at work these days, it was so nice to just get away and relax with no schedule, no alarm clock, and no work! Megan and I watched at least 5 videos. Steven and I read Elmo and Curious George at least 15 times. Robin and I went shopping twice. Ken and I had a discussion about churches and prayer. A perfect visit!

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