If it stayed in Vegas, it wouldn’t be any fun. Part of the fun is the telling.

I drove up on Tuesday morning. When I got about to Kingman, it started to snow. Wow! I didn’t realize Kingman was so cold. It cleared up about 20 miles later, but when I came into Boulder (after crossing Hoover Dam), it seemed really cold again. I called Robin on her cell phone, and she said it was snowing in Henderson! They came all the way from Alaska for some warm weather, and it was snowing in Vegas! Fortunately, it warmed up by the next day, and was really nice the rest of the week.

Ken was consulting with a Henderson church and they have a beautiful 3 bedroom guest house that we stayed in. It is owned by a doctor (member of the church) whose retired parents travel, but stay in the house whenever they are in town. The rest of the time, he donates its use to the church as a ministry. It is absolutely beautiful, in a gated Del Web community in the hills overlooking the Las Vegas strip. At night, what a view! We had no hotel bill, our own home with full kitchen, wireless internet, private bedrooms and bathrooms, and even a master closet big enough for Steven to have his “own room” adjacent to mommy and daddy. I’ll post some pictures of the house on my gallery.

Every day Ken went off to work at the church (poor Ken), and Robin and the kids and I went to town. We visited many of the big resorts up and down the strip (we hit a couple a day plus other attractions). We went to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, F.A.O. Schwartz toy company, M&M World, and Circus Circus Adventure-dome along with taking in the shops and beauty of the huge resorts.

On Wednesday night we went to see the Blue Man Group. Someone at the church works in the event office of the Venetian and got us free orchestra section tickets ($126 value each). What a show! They are some crazy guys and before the night was through, all of the audience had participated in the action in one way of another.

On Friday night we took Megan to the Tournament of Kings Medieval dinner show. It was great fun, and although cameras were not allowed, I managed to get mine out of my purse and snap a couple pictures before realizing I was breaking the rules. So you can see a couple of shots on my gallery of the action. I didn’t get photos of the horses or sword fights, but you can see the costumes and show ring. After the show, we drove over to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. As we were walking through the Bellagio casino, we saw Pete Rose walking around. Quite ironic. Everybody was pointing him out and making comments about him being right at home in a gambling arena. Ken also walked past Mena Suvari, but I didn’t see her.

We didn’t do much relaxing and absolutely no gambling, but we sure had fun. Megan and Steven were great all week, and kept up with Robin and me. On Thursday, Heidi Colvin and her little girl, Savannah, met up with us for an afternoon. She’s expecting another baby girl in August.

On my way home, I was getting a little sleepy so I pulled into a McDonald’s in Wickenburg for a cup of coffee. I turned off the car and put on my shoes. As I hopped out of the car and locked the door, I realized my keys and cell phone were still inside. I went inside where I asked the counter clerk if there was a locksmith in town, and the look on his face told me he could only understand hamburger and french fry orders and nothing else. Fortunately the manager on duty was more helpful, and I called someone to come bail me out of my predicament. As I paid the locksmith, he told me two things I didn’t know. One: my insurance probably covered his fee (I called today and it does!) and two: if you must break a window, the windshield is the cheapest one to break. But it’s much cheaper to call a locksmith (especially if your insurance covers it!)

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Vegas ROCKS!

This was so funny, I thought I’d share it. I was watching Cooking with Sara this morning, and Sara was making a quick meal to serve to the boss. She shopped at the market and picked up several prepared ingredients, like a rotiserrie chicken for Chicken Alfredo, and frozen fruit for a cobbler. As she was preparing the aforementioned cobbler, she showed some biscuits in a can. She said she had never seen those before, nor ever used them. She mentioned that she had practiced earlier opening a can so she would know how to do it and show us, the viewers. Of course, it popped when she wasn’t expecting it, and she jumped and gave a little scream. Then she showed us there were eight biscuits in the can, all ready to bake, and she proceeded to make the cobbler with frozen, sweetened fruit and the biscuits on top. As she was putting those biscuits on the fruit, she said “I can think of lots of uses for these. They’re great!” I guess that executive chef has been living under a rock for the last several decades.

After 143 days of drought, it’s finally over. It’s pouring this morning! In fact, it been raining for a good part of the night. I woke up hearing thunder at about 3:00. The streets are running and there are huge puddles in my back yard. Never thought anyone could be so excited about a drizzle-y day, but across the Valley, we are.

Such a disappointing game last night. UCLA really outhshined us. I’d love to blame it on the change in weather, but the Cats weren’t playing at home. Now we wait for NCAA accouncements with our fingers crossed. This time we’re just hoping to get in, not even worried about our seeding.

I’m off this morning to the hospital to see Heather and Carsten. I’ll come home with pictures, I promise!

I went to a baby shower for Heather yesterday morning. Since she is still on bedrest, we made her stretch out in the recliner with her feet up. There were about a dozen women there, and she got some really nice gifts. Carrie was a gracious hostess. The cutest gift was an English build a bear that Mark’s mother brought back from England last week. This little bear was wearing a kilt and came with a miniature passport which Doreen got the customs agent to stamp as they came into the U.S. It’s adorable!

I’m sure Heather will write about it and post more pictures, but here’s a few I took.

Look at all those gifts! Heather at her shower
McTeddy Bear Balch Towels

The experts say there was no measurable rain yesterday, but I could count ten or twelve droplets on my windshield. I think if they had asked everyone in the Valley to count their droplets and enter the number on some website, the sum total might have been measurable. At any rate, we’re parched around here. One hundred and thirty four days. It looks like a lot when it’s written out in words, doesn’t it? Believe me, it is a lot.

I went out last weekend and purchased a new monitor, mouse and keyboard to set up a home station for my work laptop. Since I am a chip lead now, I’m doing a lot more after hours stuff — bringing my laptop home every night and weekend and logging in. With my bad shoulder and back, I am going to be in big trouble if I continue to work at my kitchen counter. I need a bigger screen and a setup that is ergonomically conducive to preventing permanent damage. I also invested in a rolling briefcase to cart my laptop and notebook back and forth. I didn’t get approval to expense these items, but they will be tax deductible.

And speaking of, I’m waiting for my 2005 refunds. I used online Turbo Tax again, and filed electronically, and should see my state and federal refunds directly deposited to my bank account any day. Ain’t technology great??

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