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Mom was kept in the hospital overnight and underwent a barrage of tests. Everything came back normal (except her symptoms, of course) but the doctors could not find anything to treat her for (other than increasing her BP med), nor any reasons to keep her in the hospital, so she was discharged on Tuesday evening. She took it rather easy yesterday, and said she was feeling pretty well this morning.

The Suns clinched the division title this week. Their win over the 76er’s last night was partly a result of Steve Nash’s triple double.

“Lost” heated up again last night. I hear next week’s episode will have some more shockers . It’s one of the best new shows this season in my book.

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As I was in the middle of writing the UA/Illinois post, Mom called and said she was feeling poorly, her blood pressure was soaring, and the nurse at Fellowship Square suggested she go to urgent care. I went and picked her up and took her over, where they determined she needed to go to the emergency room. Her blood pressure was 203/101, pulse was 103, and her heart was skipping beats when we arrived at the hospital. I stayed with her until 9:30 p.m., and Daryl and Gisele were there until 12:30 a.m. She spent the night in the ER. When I called this morning, she said she had not slept at all, but they had done several tests (including a couple of EKGs and full blood workup) and had started her on some medication to get her blood pressure down. She was feeling better this morning, but was longing for a more comfortable bed.

More to come…

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We were all left in stunned silence after Saturday’s crushing loss to Illinois. Early on, I had told myself — and my co-workers — that I believed Arizona would make it to the Sweet Sixteen, and probably even to the Elite Eight, but I realistically knew getting past Illinois to the Final Four was going to be a feat. I turned on the game with that attitude, and at halftime, I was feeling calm, yet resigned to the fact that the Wildcats were playing well and making a good showing, but that Illinois was a phenomenal team. Then in the second half we started that run. The score differential mounted and I began to believe we just might have a chance. With a 15 point lead and four minutes to play, my hopes were soaring. But the Fighting Ilini came storming back, tied it up, and we went into overtime. Well, you all know the rest. After an exciting season and incredible fun watching that fabulous shooter ( Salim Stoudamire) and the center with finesse (Channing Frye), our season is history.

Thank goodness there is still plenty of sports to watch. We have the Suns to keep us entertained and baseball is just around the corner!

My new Tivo arrived and I installed it myself. I did the very barest installation, and will need Daryl’s help to get my VCR somehow incorporated in there (although I doubt if I will be using my VCR much anymore). But it’s up and running and I won’t have to miss any of my regular shows tonight while I watch NCAA basketball.

Go Wildcats!!!

I noticed Tivo is offering an 80 hour box for $99 (after rebate). If a household already has one Tivo subscription, additional units are just $6.95 a month. Now I’ve been wanting a second Tivo for my bedroom and have been keeping my eye on the offers. When this latest deal came down, I could no longer resist and I put in my order. I saw that my new box shipped yesterday and should be here by next week. This one is a Series 2 and my original one is the “old style” original Series 1, so I don’t know if I will be able to link them together. That would be ideal, so I could watch programs from either box in either location. But I won’t be surprised it it doesn’t work that way. Even so, I will be happy just to be able to “watch TV my way” in either room.

All you fellow Tivo-ites, check here for the offer I took advantage of.

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