29. March 2005 · 3 comments · Categories: Sports

We were all left in stunned silence after Saturday’s crushing loss to Illinois. Early on, I had told myself — and my co-workers — that I believed Arizona would make it to the Sweet Sixteen, and probably even to the Elite Eight, but I realistically knew getting past Illinois to the Final Four was going to be a feat. I turned on the game with that attitude, and at halftime, I was feeling calm, yet resigned to the fact that the Wildcats were playing well and making a good showing, but that Illinois was a phenomenal team. Then in the second half we started that run. The score differential mounted and I began to believe we just might have a chance. With a 15 point lead and four minutes to play, my hopes were soaring. But the Fighting Ilini came storming back, tied it up, and we went into overtime. Well, you all know the rest. After an exciting season and incredible fun watching that fabulous shooter ( Salim Stoudamire) and the center with finesse (Channing Frye), our season is history.

Thank goodness there is still plenty of sports to watch. We have the Suns to keep us entertained and baseball is just around the corner!


  1. I wish I had a pro basketball team to watch and root for. We used to but no longer……


  2. You’re welcome to come on over to our side, Don. Nash makes for some pretty exciting fun!


  3. Since I won’t have a dog in the fight I’ll root for the Suns. They can’t suck as bad as the Lakers and Clippers.


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