I noticed Tivo is offering an 80 hour box for $99 (after rebate). If a household already has one Tivo subscription, additional units are just $6.95 a month. Now I’ve been wanting a second Tivo for my bedroom and have been keeping my eye on the offers. When this latest deal came down, I could no longer resist and I put in my order. I saw that my new box shipped yesterday and should be here by next week. This one is a Series 2 and my original one is the “old style” original Series 1, so I don’t know if I will be able to link them together. That would be ideal, so I could watch programs from either box in either location. But I won’t be surprised it it doesn’t work that way. Even so, I will be happy just to be able to “watch TV my way” in either room.

All you fellow Tivo-ites, check here for the offer I took advantage of.

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  1. I have a Tivo Series 1 and 2 and they won’t talk to each other.


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