Each year, L.I.F.E. holds a fund raising golf tournament. One of the raffle events is a “ball drop”. Folks can buy numbered golf balls which are then dropped from a helicopter over one green at the golf course. The ball that falls in or closest to the hole is the winner. The first prize is a 46″ flat screen HDTV. Last year I bought $500 worth of balls, but didn’t win anything. I entered again this year ($500 worth), and guess what? Yep, I won the TV!! Daryl and Derek came over today to set it up for me. You might say I spent $1000 on this, but you would be wrong. I helped provide therapy services for more than 300 children with disabilities, and happened to win a TV in the process. It doesn’t get any better than that.


  1. Your set up is great! Nice job picking out a center for it. We found a complete bed at one of the thrift store for $15 (about $10 less than the bed frame alone). It is oak with a bookshelf headboard. We grabbed some Restore-A-Finish from Home Depot and it is looking great!

  2. Did you figure out how to get the HD channels from Cox?

  3. Most of them are coming in. I still can’t get a couple of channels (i.e. AMC, HGTV) but nothing critical. I might have to call Cox. Weirdly, I get HD Fox Sports listed twice in my Tivo guide. Same channel, same show. It just stacks up twice. Speaking of my Tivo, I spent about an hour Sunday evening reprogramming all my season passes to record the HD channels.

  4. Enjoying your new TV?

  5. I think she’s enjoying it so much she’s not posting any more.

  6. Love my TV! I rented Doubt last weekend and it was great on the big HD screen. Also my speakers sound much better down on the floor instead of up on the top of the entertainment center. It’s a keeper, all right. Now when my new computer comes, I’ll be all set technology-wise.

  7. Wow! I guess you’re so busy watching your new TV that you don’t have time to update your blog. 😛

  8. Did you get completely lost in Facebook??

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