27. August 2005 · Comments Off on It’s working! · Categories: Blog

My new security features seem to be working. Today I haven’t gotten any unwanted messages. However, poor Lauren’s site is getting more and more spam on her guestbook. We got that set up a few weeks ago so that Daryl, Brian, Carrie, or I could approve or delete entries before they show, but there is nothing to prevent them from coming in (and awaiting our approval). Each day, we have about 2 dozen to delete from the hidden waiting list. At first they were pornographic, but lately they seem to be mostly marketing ones. Maybe we can get Daryl to install some stop-gap feature like we have for our blogs, or maybe we should move the site to WordPress.

I stopped by Mom’s tonight to pick up a poncho she knitted for me. I saw a cute pattern a few months ago and asked her to make one for me to take on my fall trips. She worked feverishly to finish it in time. In fact, she was well ahead of time, because it’s still 112 degrees! I won’t be wearing it for a while. But thanks, Mom! It’ll feel good in Maine in October.

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