26. August 2005 · 3 comments · Categories: Blog

Twenty four hours ago, my blog began to be hit by spammers. There were about a dozen comments this morning, so I set it so I have to approve an entry before it gets published. But that left the problem of me still getting numerous hits that I constantly have to manage. So tonight, Daryl installed a security feature for me. It’s the one Don uses. You will now have to enter a numerical code that you see in a small graphic window to post a comment. This ensures that only live people can post comments, and not automatic entries. I am keeping the approval requirement for a few days to ensure this keeps out the junk. I also set up a blacklist of common spam words, and if anyone uses them in a comment, it automatically gets nuked. So be careful what you say or it won’t make it to the internet … at least not on azdonna.com.


  1. Is it helping your spam yet?

  2. Too soon to tell. I’ll let you know. And thanks for the suggestion on Trencaspammers.

  3. They started getting me last night too. I need to get the security package as well.

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