If any of you have ever worked in a cubicle environment, you know what that title term means. It’s when something happens and everyone sticks their heads up over the cube walls and looks around. That happened today at about 3:30 when the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard from inside Intel hit nearby. People were rushing to the windows to look out (now isn’t that the safest place to be??? standing by a glass window during a big thunder storm!) One guy near me was immediately on some weather radar website telling us that three storms were colliding over the Valley. It didn’t last long … at least in that area. But on my way home about an hour later, the radio broadcast was warning of 4″ of rain in Mesa, and lots of flooding. It wasn’t bad where I had to go, but I bet Mom got quite a shower.

Boy, were my dogs glad to see me. They get really nervous when it thunders. I love it, though! Wish it would storm all night.


  1. “Prairie Dogging”; takes me back!
    All this rain lately has sure been nice. I commented to Gisele yesterday during a rain storm, “What a nice day today!” Any other environment and people would think I was crazy, but rain is such a welcome change in desert.

  2. I just read this a few minutes ago while sitting here in our RV in Colorado Springs during a monster thunder storm. We sat and watched it out the window. Twenty minutes later now and the sun is shining.

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