Our special girl Lauren is 16 years old! When she was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome 12 years ago, we didn’t know what her future would be. Statistics said her life expectancy was around 14 years. But with modern medical technology and lots of divine intervention, she received an umbilical cord stem cell transplant at age four. Her doctor says it has stopped the progression of her disease and has contributed to extending her life. So this milestone was a celebration, as well as an opportunity to lavish our love on this young lady.

Family members came from all over the country to help us celebrate. Many of them were directly involved with raising funds for Lauren’s transplant, and have also contributed to the work of Lauren’s Institute For Education, so it was an honor to have them here to see the far-reaching results of that support and generosity. Robin and Steven came from Boise (Megan was deep into Nutcracker rehearsals and Ken had to work, so were unable to make the trip).  Richard & Dianna and Daryl & Gisele were there. Carrie’s mother was well enough to come to the party. Many close friends attended, and all of Lauren’s therapists and providers were there. But the one person who beamed the most was our darling, Lauren. She had such a good day, and seemed to enjoy every moment, smiling at everyone, giggling at the music, and even dancing with her daddy.

Here are a few photos to remember the occasion.

Our beautiful girl

Brian, Lauren and Carrie

Me with my grandkids

Me with Robin and Steven

Lauren loves her daddy

The Lafferty family

Not a dry eye in the room during this dance.

A couple weeks later, the staff and parents of Lauren’s Institute held a “Thank You” event to honor Brian, Carrie and Lauren for all the wonderful ways they have blessed the special needs community by opening the center ten years ago. It was an emotional and beautiful get together with hundreds of special needs families whose lives have been changed because of Lauren.







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