Channel 12 News was at L.I.F.E. last week doing a story on the Arizona special needs scholarship program, and one of the reporters gave Nathan a microphone and “interviewed” him. He very clearly explained that kids with special needs could come to LIFE, and their brothers and sisters, if they were typical, could come be examples. Then they went into the stimulation room and turned on the bubble machine. The reporter asked Nathan where the bubbles came from and Nathan answered her, “That’s an excellent question! And one I don’t happen to have the answer to!”


  1. So very cute! He is such a smart and witty little guy!

  2. That’s our Nathan.

  3. Did any of that get on the air?

  4. That’s what I wondered, but Carrie said no. 🙁

  5. Nathan sounds like a smart litle boy. I wished I could have seen that story, when was it on? Maybe I can find it in the archives.

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