1. That does sound like an interesting trip, but with fuel prices today I agree that I would want to get more out of it than just being able to say I did it. There is so much to see!

    I find it interesting that many of us siblings inherited our parents love of road trips. That is all we ever did for vacations when we were kids. I think Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” sums up our family philosophy.

  2. I agree that I would want to take a little longer than 5 days. That wouldn’t be enough to do justice to a single state, except maybe RI…

  3. I like to brag that I have been in 49 states; all but Minnesota or Wisconsin, I can\’t remember which. I hit Rhode Island like these guys did it; Glenda and I drove across the state line, parked on the side of the road, stepped out and took a couple pictures, got back in the car, turned around and went back the other way toward New York and Jersey.

  4. I’ve been in Wisconsin. There are quite a few I haven’t been in though and would love to take a slow trip around the country.

  5. Well! As long as bragging is acceptable, Dianna and I have both been in all 50. I’ve even been in 3 of the 4 organized Territories of the US; Guam, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, as well as one of the 11 unincorporated Territories of the US; Wake Island. Admittedly, some were compliments of Uncle Sam and were just refueling stops on my way to places that were certainly not US territory.

  6. I can’t get the video.

  7. You aren’t missing very much Mom. It’s 9 minutes of a car driving down roads at a very speeded up rate.

  8. I’m glad we’re not paying almost $8.00/gal. as the man from Romania posted he is on the other blog. I can remember when I thought it was terrible that Europe was paying $4.00/gal.! I’m sure we’ll be paying $8.00 someday, too.

  9. The good thing about the increased cost of gas is that it makes alternatives more economically viable, including hybrid and the newer plug-in hybrids. As electricity prices go up and solar panels come down, for example, it won’t be long before it pays to put photovoltaic panels on your roof.

    When the alternatives are cheaper than oil, we can start to break OPEC’s stranglehold. But it won’t be easy during the transition.

  10. We could also start drilling offshore and up in ANWR. That would help but I agree the goal should be to get to solar power as much as possible.

  11. Even though we have electrical power provided by the park, I do not turn on our battery charger. We continue to use our solar panels to charge our batteries and to provide most of our lighting. It’s a small thing but we feel good about it.

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