Not too much going on in my life lately to warrant a blog entry. Spring is here in full force with evidence of summer just ahead. We haven’t quite hit triple digit temperatures yet, but they are close, I’m sure.

LifeGolfImageL.I.F.E. held it’s Second Annual Golf Tournament, and raised about $60,000, which was $20K more than last year. I took the day off work to help care for Lauren and Nathan since Brian and Carrie were at the golf course all day long. I spent the night, and slept with Lauren. Rather, I laid in bed with Lauren. No sleeping. She had a dozen “seizures” before 2:30 a.m., when Carrie came in to switch places with me. She settled down a bit after that, since Carrie knew better than me how to hold her and ward off the severe tremors.

Things have settled down at work, and no one has turned in a resignation for a couple of months. I’m working on a project that will tape out in about two more weeks. I’m afraid I’m going to be assigned to grunt work for a while after that, but hopefully something interesting and challenging will come my way soon. I have heard through the grapevine that Intel may open a few more requisitions, so I will have to seriously consider if I want to apply or stay at Marvell and hope for a financial explosion. Management still thinks the stock is going to do well this coming year. We celebrated the one millionth Monahans shipment this week. Monahans is in several cell phones, blackberries and GPS systems, and I drew part of it. You can thank me as you navigate the city streets, call your friends, or check your email. They also settled the recent SEC investigation this week with a $10M payment.

I’ve been to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater with Jan and Glenda twice lately. We saw Hello Dolly on my birthday, and the Buddy Holly Story for Glenda’s birthday. Loved Hello Dolly; didn’t care so much for Buddy Holly.

I’m taking a trip up to Boise over Memorial Day weekend. Megan has her annual ballet/tap recital that weekend, and I try to attend every year. We usually celebrate her birthday (9! this year!) and Mother’s Day when I am there.

Everyone’s talk of cruises this year has spiked my longing to do one. Glenda and I are considering trying one out sometime in July. Neither of us has ever been on a ship. I think we might try a 4 day cruise to Baja as our maiden voyage.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I’m going to take Mom out for breakfast. Brian and Carrie have been out of town (more on that in a future post) so I probably won’t get with them until next weekend. Happy Mother’s Day to Mom and to all my special friends and family who are mothers.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day Aunt Donna!

  2. Congratulations on the fund raiser for LIFE. To see a 30% increase in a year is remarkable.

    I am sorry to hear Lauren is still suffering so with the seizures. My heart goes out to the family and prayers as well.

    Richard and I had season tickets for the community theaters in CA & NM for several years. We really enjoyed those evenings as we always invited friends to go with us.

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