Robin, Megan and Steven are coming for a visit. They arrive tomorrow afternoon and will be here through the weekend until Monday evening. Megan is on spring break, but will miss one day of school next week.

I told them to pack their swimsuits. We are having 85° days here, which should feel very good to them after the cold snowy winter they have had. We’ll do some shopping, playing with the cousins, tour L.I.F.E. and Central’s new facilities, and catch up on gossip. Nathan gets to spend the night on Friday. I just wish Lauren was feeling well enough to enjoy their visit.


  1. I would enjoy their visit, and we have a nice swimming pool here, too.

  2. And a happy birthday to you. The fact that you are a year older doesn’t do one thing for me, except make me realize that I am still 28 years older than you.

  3. Happy Birthday Donna!

  4. Hello and Happy Birthday! I tried to post earlier but it was weird! Anyway, I hope your day was good!

  5. What is this Joni’s first name thing?

  6. I believe it’s a Captcha.

  7. I removed it.

  8. I’d still like to know who Joni was. 🙂

  9. Maybe it’s Ivan’s girlfriend.

  10. Ivan’s girlfriend or mom would be my guess. Or possibly just Mitchell.

  11. How is Lauren doing now?

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