That’s where Lauren is going to be for the rest of the weekend. In fact, if the doctors have their way, she’ll be in-patient for a few weeks. Here’s the latest:

Lauren’s adenoids have grown back again. She has had them removed twice, but there they are, as big as life blocking her air passage again. One theory is she is having sleep apnea (Derek, you hit it!), and her struggle to get oxygen is setting off these seizures. Since this is such an obvious issue, they want to start there. She’ll have her adenoids out and see if that improves her sleep pattern.

When, you ask? That’s the $64,000 question. If Carrie had her way, it would have been yesterday. But nothing moves quickly in the hospital. The ENT surgeon has not even seen her yet. He is supposed to come in Saturday morning.

The other thing that is concerning Brian and Carrie is the doctors want to place Lauren into in-patient rehab after the surgery and keep her there until she is strong enough to walk again. But Carrie knows she can provide better rehab for her at home and at L.I.F.E., and is going to [try to] convince the doctors of that.

They’re not positive this is the root cause of all of Lauren’s difficulties, but it’s the easiest place to start. Following the surgery and full recovery, they’ll do another sleep study to see how Lauren is doing and go from there.


  1. I’m watching your blog and my email, waiting to hear what is new today. I know you are as busy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, so I’ll be patient.

  2. They are coming home! Brian called us at 3pm to say they were just waiting for their papers and they are headed home. The Easter Bunny will visit the Reed’s at home this year! Yeah!

  3. The surgeon won’t do her T&A until she is completely infection free. They are treating her swollen sinuses with antibiotics and he’ll perform the surgery in a couple of weeks. Brian and Carrie convinced all the other doctors that they could wait it out at home. They are on their way.

  4. I’m glad she’ll be home. That way the Easter Bunny can visit her and Nathan at the same time.

  5. how was Easter for your grandkids?

  6. How much nicer for the family to be all together again in their own home – especially for Easter! It takes a lot of the stress off when you don’t have to make those hospital runs.

  7. We had beautiful spring weather in the Valley of the Sun. Nathan had an egg hunt, and he ran around finding eggs for Lauren and bringing them to her. He is so sweet to his sissy.

    Lauren is a very sick little girl. I went over last night to visit and she has almost no energy or strength. She walked about 10 steps for me (with me supporting her), and each one was shaky and slow. She\’s still having multiple seizures each night. But she\’s home, and can do her relaxing there just as well – no, better than – in the busy hospital.

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