When I was a girl growing up in the 50s and 60s, only rich kids had braces. My teeth were crooked, but my bite was good, so no orthodontia for me. We couldn’t afford something purely for cosmetic reasons. I’ve always been a bit self conscious of my crooked smile, but not enough to take out a loan and pay for it myself.

Over the past few years, one of my front teeth has been turning darker and receding more and more, and lately I’ve really hated the way it looked.  Cosmetic dentistry is still expensive, but I began to give serious thought to having something done about that tooth. Then someone mentioned I should consider a veneer and that I could probably get it done fairly inexpensively in Mexico. I know Richard and Dianna go to Mexico once a year to see a dentist, and I asked if I could go with them the next time they went. They said sure, and Dianna even offered to make some inquiries of their dentist and gather some information for me. After many calls and emails, Dianna finally found a dentist who would do the workup, and make and fit a veneer all in one day.

I drove to Yuma last Friday after work, slept on a blow up bed in R&D’s 5th wheel, and we headed to Los Algodones the next morning. The dentist recommended a full crown instead of the veneer. Since my tooth was so far back, it would take a very thick veneer and wouldn’t be ideal glued to the front of my tooth. I got the workup in the morning, then we had lunch in the casino adjacent to the entrance to the town, and went back to the dentist office in the early afternoon to get the crown glued on. I was surprised that something that is even with my other teeth in the front feels like it sticks out about a half an inch. That means my lip was very used to that big gap. I’m very happy with it; I think it looks fantastic. And I saved over $1200 by going to Mexico. I recommend that to anyone who doesn’t have good dental insurance.

I’m so happy to smile now!


P.S. Many thanks to Richard and Dianna for all the help, and for accompanying me across the border and sitting in the dentist’s waiting room while I was getting the work done. Even though I recommend the Mexican dentists, I was sure glad not to have to go alone, especially my first time!


  1. Looks Good!

  2. Yep. Still looks good. When you came out to the waiting room I had to ask “which tooth?”

    For those unfamiliar with Los Algodones, it is a very special little Mexican town located at the junction of the Colorado River and California. It is completely unlike any other border town or border crossing in the US. Los Algodones exists only to provide dental, ophthalmology and pharmacy services to Americans who walk across the border. There is essentially no vehicle traffic, and I have never seen Mexicans using the crossing. The only people you see are (mostly retired) Americans and Canadians. Especially during the winter months, thousands of Americans and Canadians (mostly snow birds) walk across every day. It’s completely safe. There have been no incidents of any kind that I have ever heard of. On the other hand, I would not visit Nogales or Juarez under any circumstances.

  3. You’re welcome! I’m just happy that you’re pleased with the work done there. We’re on our way for our annual visit as I write this. Enjoy your new smile. It really looks great!

  4. Wow, they did a good job! And all in one day.

    I never noticed that crooked tooth before, but now that I see the before and after, it is an improvement.

    You’re wearing different clothes, so I assume the before and after weren’t both taken on the same day.

  5. I, too, never noticed it before, but, since it looks like two different persons, you do look younger, and have a prettier smile. I’m glad it makes you happy.

  6. Looks really nice Donna.

  7. Yep, I never really noticed it either but the new tooth looks great. It’s always surprising how a small difference in your teeth can feel so large (referring to the sticking out a half inch). Maybe I could get my lower front tooth fixed there.

    Do they also do implants? I never did get them because it was going to cost much more than they had told me in the beginning.

    • Yes, Don. Implants are one of the main things you see on ads and signs down there. Glenda’s father got several implants there. You should check it out. You’d save a lot of money.

  8. Donna, i’m a little behind in the blog world, but wanted to tell you that you look amazing! I would never have noticed, but seeing the before and after is really fun! Good for you and your beautiful smile!!

  9. Donna, I was just viewing past blogs of yours & found this one. Your tooth looks great! I am like the rest & never paid any attention to your tooth but I know how it is when something bothers us. It seemed like a great way to get it done. Several of my AZ family head to Mexico for dental work. Say, I was on here looking for pics of you bathroom. Did you make any of the work you had done?

    • Wendy, I have pictures and the story about my bathroom to share, but just need to find the time to blog about it. The job is done except for painting, and that’s going to wait until this fall. Maybe next week I’ll try to write about it.

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