1. I can see her mom and her grandma in her.

  2. Great pictures! I can’t believe how big she is! Where does time go?

  3. I have a photo of the group of our generation. (well I was a little baby and derek and devon weren’t born yet so most of us). And she looks just like Robin does in that pic.

  4. She looks just like Robin in the right-hand picture.
    (Only a cute version. :-O )

  5. Why did you remove your links? I used them to navigate!

  6. This theme came with a broken widget. Daryl and I spent a couple hours working on it, and when we gave up, I forgot to put the links back in. They are there now, but not pretty!

  7. They don’t look bad. Thank you for putting them back. Less clicks. 😉

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