Have you ever pulled out a jacket or pair of jeans you haven’t worn for a while, and stuck your hand in the pocket and found money? What a great feeling! Well, that happened to me today. I was getting a clean dish cloth out of the linen cupboard, and I usually take one from the top of the stack, which means I rotate through three or four most of the time. Well, this time, I decided to get one from farther down in the pile, and as I pulled it out, a little card came with it. Stuck to the back was a dollar all folded up. I looked at it and discovered it was a happy birthday gift card from Home Depot. I don’t know how much it is for, but I suspect it’s around $50. I pulled the dollar off and unfolded it, and it was a one hundred dollar bill!

I have just the vaguest recollection of hiding them there a couple of years ago when I was going out of town. It feels like my birthday all over again. Whoo hoo!


  1. How great! Just in time for Mother’s Day! Thanks in advance.

  2. And just what would you like from Home Depot, Mom?

  3. That is really exciting! When I saw the heading I thought you really hit it big! That is quite a find in some dish rags!

  4. Neat find! Hummmmm… Forgetting where you stashed $100, and even forgetting the fact that you had done it could be considered a senior moment. I wonder how much more money is stashed around your house?

  5. I think the most I’ve ever found is a twenty dollar bill. What a special blessing!

  6. One of my customers found $50,000.00 when she was cleaning out the basement after her husband passed away. I think that wins.

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