Brian, Carrie, Lauren and Nathan came over tonight with dinner and gifts. It was my Mother’s Day celebration. Nathan is spending the night with me. After dinner, we were sitting around talking and watching the kids play. Lauren had a dirty diaper, and Carrie changed her. Nathan made some comment about the frequency and aroma of her diapers.

I wondered how perceptive he was to Lauren’s age and disability, so I asked him, “Nathan, is Lauren your big sister or your little sister?” He thought for a moment and said, “Big sister. I’m little, but I’m the bazample.”


  1. It’s too bad that Nathan can’t have a recorder attached to him 24/7 to catch all his sayings. I still think of his answer when his daddy asked him how old great-grandma is, and the way he looked me over as he replied, “O-O-O-L-L-L-D”. He surely is the “family treasure”.

  2. That is too cute! What a sweetie!

  3. Does that translate as “bad example”?

  4. Oh goodness, no! Is that what it sounded like? No, when typical children are involved in therapy sessions for special needs children, they are the role models or “examples”. When Lauren’s school opens, Nathan and the other staff children will be involved. Nathan has obviously overheard the adults talking.

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