I had surgery to remove my Morton’s Neuroma on May 5. I was prepared for up to three months recovery and full healing, but I’ve been very (pleasantly) surprised at how quickly I have gotten back to walking normally. I thought you would all love to see all the gory pictures of my progress.

Pre-surgery. You can see the “divot” between the third and fourth toes. That’s from all the cortisone and alcohol injections. My tissue was really atrophied. But that persistent neuroma would not give up and die. So it was off with its head!

This was taken right after surgery.

I had a visit from Lauren and Brian a couple days later while I was still spending all my time on the couch with my foot elevated. Lauren was in a great mood.

Here’s the fashionable footwear they gave me.

I went back to the doctor 5 days later to have the bandages changed, but not the stitches removed. You can see the doctor’s purple initials on my ankle. He signed before surgery to verify the correct side. As an extra precaution, I wrote on my left foot, “NOT THIS FOOT”.

My black toes peeping out of the fresh bandages.

Two weeks after surgery I went back to finally get the stitches out. That meant I could then get it wet.  Was I glad to finally be able to get all the way in the shower instead of hanging my foot over the edge.

I could finally wear regular shoes.

And the bruising and incision continued to heal. I polished my toenails! (I had to remove all polish for surgery.)

This was taken today. Thirty days. Feeling good. Looking good. Walking good.

There is permanent numbness between my two toes and a little soreness left, but I have confidence this was very successful and the right decision. I think I’ll go hiking!


  1. Yow! Some of those pictures are almost gross. 😉

    Glad you’re feeling better and hope you can get back to hiking soon.

    Remember when I stepped on the glass in Carrizo Creek before I went into 3rd grade? The bottom of my foot was numb until I was in my 40’s.

  2. I remember, but I thought you were younger than that. And I thought your little toe was still numb. You got feeling back after all those years?

  3. Glad to hear everything is healing well. I wouldn’t be surprised if your foot is forever numb

  4. It was right before I started 3rd grade at Homer Davis. The feeling finally came back in my little toe also.

  5. Holy cow, some of those pictures look AWFUL!!! But your foot sure looks great now!!! Enjoy your hiking!

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