My employer gives eight set holidays and two floating ones each year. The floating holidays must be taken one in the first half of the year and one in the second half. We got a notice a couple of weeks ago reminding us if we haven’t taken our first one, we need to before July 1 or we would lose it. So I’m on a holiday today. Hooray, a three day weekend! I’m just puttering around the house. I cut some baseboards with Mark’s miter saw to finish off my laundry room and master bath where I just laid new tile. That tired me out, so I’m resting up before going to see “Spiderman 3” with Glenda later this afternoon.

Last Sunday, Mom and I went to see how the building is coming along for L.I.F.E. Construction is ahead of schedule, and they expect to open by the end of July. The grand opening is still set for September 17. I posted some pictures here. The Arizona Republic interviewed Carrie last week, and will publish an article in the Gilbert edition tomorrow. If it’s posted online, I’ll include the link.

A year ago, Daryl posted this entry on his blog about Derek having all of his wisdom teeth pulled. I commented that I had one final wisdom tooth that had emerged and probably needed to come out. Well, my dentist decided now was the time. I had it pulled on Thursday, but unlike my last three (and Derek’s four), I decided to go with the general anesthesia. I woke up in a different room, but my clothes were all intact (read Daryl’s entry for explanation of that). Other than some minor residual pain and swelling, I’m on the mend.

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