This is the time of the year when there’s almost more on TV than I can keep up with. All of my favorite fall shows are really ramping up for the second half of the season, plus there are several shows starting their new seasons now. Maybe it’ll be a good thing if the Wildcats don’t make it to March Madness so I have more time to watch Lost, Heroes and American Idol. NO! Perish the thought! After 22 consecutive years, that’s almost unthinkable. However, at this point, it’s looking more and more like they may need to win the Pac-10 tournament to secure a seed. The way they’re going, it’s not guaranteed they’ll get an at-large bid.

Today’s loss to UCLA was sad enough, but it was also the seniors’ last home game. Sigh! It has not been the fun year we thought it would be back in December.

B4-1 b4-1-sm.JPGFor the past few weekends, I’ve been working on replacing the tile in my small hall bath. Here are the before pictures (or I should say the “during” pictures).

And here are the afters:

After1 After2 I did all the tile removal and new installation myself, but had a little help with the tough – as in “manly” – parts. Daryl came over to help me pull some of the old glued baseboard out from under the sink cabinet, and Brian came (along with Mark’s miter saw) to help put in the new baseboards. Well, okay, Brian put in the new baseboards without my help, but I made him lunch while he was doing it! 🙂

You’d never believe that is vinyl tile at first glance. The new patterns look so much like ceramic you have to inspect them closely. I’m very pleased with the result. I think I’ll put the same pattern in my master bath and kitchen.

From a friend’s blog, I linked to this site. I thought it was fun and interesting to check names I know. I felt pretty common after finding I share my name with 1067 others (including the famous TV actress), but all of my brothers and Robin have more unique names. Ken and Mom are the only ones with their names. However, Gisele wins the prize. According to this site, there is no one in the U.S. with her name (including her, apparently!)

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