I have some advice for everyone who reads this. If your refrigerator goes out, do not eat any leftovers from said refrigerator for dinner, even if it seems to taste fine. It will not be so fine at 4:30 the next morning. Additionally, you may find yourself working from home that day where you can be close to the facilities.

And now the fun news … I just bought a new refrigerator!

I woke up yesterday morning to the breaking news that the serial shooter(s) had been caught. They have been terrorizing the Phoenix area for quite some time. I’ve been working late hours this week, and have been surprised at the number of people I’ve seen out riding bikes and walking along the streets after dark. Someone said the sniper usually picked isolated areas to shoot someone, but it still seemed brave (or crazy) to put yourself out there as a target. Anyway,one mystery down, and one to go. Now if they can nab the Baseline killer, our city might settle back out of the media spotlight.

As I mentioned, I am working late hours. Another project asked for volunteers to help them out 20 hours a week (minimum) on an overtime basis. I’m working 12 hour days so I can keep my weekends off. I admit, I was really tired last night. (Richard and Dianna, think of me as you’re strolling on the beach!)

So tonight, I’m relaxing (breathing easy) and watching a Diamondbacks game. They sure have been more fun to watch this year than they have in a long time. They are hot on the heels of the first place Padres. Go Diamondbacks!

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