Mark and Heather (with the boys) were in my neighborhood last night and stopped by. I got a good baby fix, holding Carsten for almost an hour. He was very sleepy and very content. So sweet!

Camden played with some new 12 piece puzzles I had here for Nathan, and he was surprisingly good at it for an almost-3-year- old. He could really see the picture taking shape and turned each piece until he got the right fit.

I posted a few pictures of my visit last weekend to Pathways Church in Seattle.

I went to donate blood yesterday, and they went through an exhaustive questionaire probing every intimate detail of my life. Then they proceeded to stick my finger to test my iron levels, and it was 40%, which is excellent for a woman. Finally they went back to some final questions and clicked submit. It came back “Deferred”. What? I’m healthy, clean, and willing! “No,” it said. It seems when I traveled to Cancun a year ago, I was possibly exposed to Malaria there. Until May 5, the American Red Cross doesn’t want my blood.

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My trip to the northwest was glorious! The weather was beautiful, and we could clearly see the mountains all around (Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Ranier, and the Cascades and Olympic ranges.) Everyone said they had been having miserable weather, and it was the first really beautiful weekend in months. Of course, I took the credit for bringing it with me from Arizona.

I did not get to meet with the Medici’s. They had been at Duke for Olivia’s one year post transplant tests, and were hoping to get home by Friday by way of a Corporate Angel Flight. I got an email from Annalee today saying that they didn’t make it back to Portland until Sunday evening. That’s when I was on my way home. So hopefully, I’ll get to make another trip soon to see Alice, and will get to meet with them then.

Alice and I loved our drive up to Seattle to see Dean and Leslie and visit Pathways church. They are booming, and had 140 in Easter services. There was a baptism on the day we were there, so that is truly evidence of the impact they are making in the community. We also got to see John and Sherri Chandler and their girls, plus both Dean’s and Leslie’s parents (Bob, Peggy, Jack & Ruth). So all in all, we felt reconnected with friends we have missed so much.

I took some pictures and will post a few soon.

I had a free airline ticket that Ken and Robin gave me that expires on May 5. So I decided to make a quick trip up to Portland to see Alice. I’m flying up tomorrow, and we are driving up to Seattle on Saturday to see Dean and Leslie and visit their new church plant there. We’ll come back to Portland on Sunday afternoon and I’ll fly home that evening. I’m busy at work and couldn’t take much time off, but I just couldn’t let that ticket go to waste.

While I am there, I’m hoping to visit another family who has a little girl with Sanfilippo. She had a transplant just a few months after Lauren did. It will be nice to visit with another family who is in the same place that we are.

I’ll write all about it when I get home.

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