I went to donate blood yesterday, and they went through an exhaustive questionaire probing every intimate detail of my life. Then they proceeded to stick my finger to test my iron levels, and it was 40%, which is excellent for a woman. Finally they went back to some final questions and clicked submit. It came back “Deferred”. What? I’m healthy, clean, and willing! “No,” it said. It seems when I traveled to Cancun a year ago, I was possibly exposed to Malaria there. Until May 5, the American Red Cross doesn’t want my blood.


  1. Reminds me of the fun we had when Dianna and I got married. Remember my blood test fiasco?

    I am glad they are being overly cautious about the blood supply. No reason to take any unnecessary chances.

  2. Oh yeah, I do remember that. Shingles, right?

  3. Im glad they didn’t take my blood when I got married… I hate needles.

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