I’m sorry to tell you all it wasn’t me who won that big Power Ball jackpot. But then, you knew I wouldn’t have driven to Nebraska to buy a ticket. Heck, I wouldn’t even drive to the corner to buy a ticket. Nope, not me! Odds of 146,000,000 to 1 is too slim. Now if it was 136,000,000 to 1, I might consider it.

It looks like the Holsingers and I will be off to Las Vegas for spring break. The Alaska folks are longing for a little warm weather, and Ken has a business trip to Sin City that week, so Robin and the kids are going to fly down and join him, and I’m going to drive up for a few days. Robin came up with the idea to see Cirque de Soliel. Megan will love that. And since Ken is working with a church there, they can get a babysitter so we can do an adult show too. I mentioned it to Carrie, and she and Brian might consider coming, too.

Just don’t expect me to come home and write all about it. You know the saying….

After a three game losing streak, the Arizona Wildcats have finally won two in a row. Whoo hoo! They looked really good today. Of course, they were playing against a mediocre team, but they played great.

An update on Carrie — she saw the doctor last Tuesday and he scheduled the laser surgery on her second eye for four weeks from then (sometime in the second week of March). After that eye is done, she will be fitted for her first pair of glasses. Until then, she can’t see much of anything out of her bad eye. It’s feeling “okay” … not great, but not painful either. It’s very bothersome to her to have it so out of whack. She sees a gray spot where the retina was re-attached. The doctor said it may be permanent, or it could get better. It is healing and it’s just going to be a waiting game to see how her vision ends up.

I’ve caught a few minutes of the Olympics. The lighting of the torch was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I backed Tivo up several times to watch it again. Breathtaking!

Work is either feast or famine. I sat three days last week and two this week with nothing to do. Then Thursday afternoon we got engineering results back, and I ended up working some overtime hours Friday and Saturday. Ridiculous!

I have friends in the Pine area whose home is close to the February Fire. 116 days without rain and none in sight. It’s going to be bad.

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That’s what it is becoming this year to watch UA basketball. I know, Daryl has reminded me the year the Wildcats won the championship, they finished only 5th in the Pac 10, but it just doesn’t seem like this year’s team is ever going to get it going. I’m beginning to think they don’t believe they can either. It would sure be sad to see this become our first year without a trip to the NCAA since Lute joined the program. I hope I have to eat my words a few weeks from now.

What do the rest of you Wildcat fans think???

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