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This has been a work week, and I do mean work. Every day since I got back from SanDiego, including Saturday and Sunday. It’ll probably be like this until my sabbatical, which starts on September 12. We are taping out the fifth stepping of a cell phone chip, code named Manzano. I’m in the Mobility group working on XScale technology, so if you are familiar with any of Intel’s products, you may have heard of it.

Today was a sad day. A little girl we heard of through the MPSIII (Sanfilippo) network died at Duke Hospital this afternoon following a cord blood transplant several months ago. Frannie’s website is here if you want to take a look. It’s a stark reminder of how risky a transplant is, and how well Lauren did because she had a related donor.

Lauren and Carrie have been sick this week. Lauren has been fighting it better than the last two times, but she’s having a harder time than Carrie, naturally. When she ran another fever yesterday, Carrie decided to start her back on Amoxicillin. Nathan was having cabin fever, so I brought him home with me on Friday night after work, and took him back Saturday morning before work. He is always so happy to come to Nonna’s house, and he now recognizes when we get close. He knows the Dr. Geek shop on the corner where we turn into my neighborhood and shouts out “There it is!”

I went to see “Herbie – Fully Loaded” last night with Glenda. It was really cute and I laughed throughout. Herbie still has his charm with some new movie effects added from the original 1967 “Love Bug”. He smiles by turning his bumper up, and his headlight eyes have lids. Quite cute.

The Diamondbacks won today pulling within 2 1/2 games of SanDiego. Woo hoo!

I’m catching up on laundry and ironing this afternoon because, after all, tomorrow is another work day. 🙁

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I returned from a long weekend in San Diego last night. Glenda and I drove over on Friday and checked into our hotel in Encinitas in the early afternoon, then went out for a look-around and dinner. We were going to go to the Del Mar Fair, but it had ended the weekend before so we just stopped at various places along the beach front. It was a bit windy and many surfers were out on the waves. After dinner, we went back for a soak in the hot tub and dip in the pool before bed.

The comic book convention was in town. Participants took nearly every hotel and motel room in town and made driving on Harbor Blvd a nightmare. Too bad we hadn’t made our plans to attend, but after seeing the people who DID attend, we were just as happy to stay away. Some real weirdos… many dressed as their favorite characters, but many looking like something from outer space in their “normal” attire. We saw body piercings, chains, striped socks, purple hair, bare backs, etc. Come to think about it, that was probably normal attire for the harbor area in San Diego, ComicCon or not!

On Saturday, we rented bicycles and rode up and down the boardwalk and over to Mission Bay. The thing that interested us most were the homes and rentals, and trying to find out how much they were going for. There were some beautiful homes in the hills that started in the low one million, others overlooking the water that were two million and up, and the small condos along the waterfront rented for $300-$1200 a day in the summer. We wondered how people could afford to live there and decided there must be more money in comic book collecting and selling than we thought!

On Sunday, we went to Seaport Village to walk around the shops (didn’t buy anything except a doodad for the kids), looked over the Aircraft Carrier Museum, and went over to Old Town Historic Park. This is where it all began, and many of the buildings have been restored. We saw a real Wells, Fargo & Co. stagecoach. It was fascinating to find that 18 people could ride across the country in one small coach, and we were exhausted just thinking about it. Sitting upright for days on a hard bench as it rattled over raw land just seemed unendurable.

We listened to a book on tape (We Were The Mulvaneys – it was good) on the way home and pulled in just after 10 last night. I’ve posted some pictures on my gallery. I have today off to unpack, do laundry, see the kids and prepare to go back to work tomorrow. We’re in the last hard push of the project and I’m working 12 hour days for the next several weeks. Sure looking forward to my sabbaatical!


That’s what the temperature was in Chandler today. I’m glad I was inside all day. At 7:30 p.m., it’s 109 right now. We have a thunderstorm brewing outside. Looks like the monsoons are on the way. This is the most miserable time of year in Arizona, but how we love it in January. You don’t have to shovel heat. (Hurry up, January!)

Robin and Ken have made the move to Anchorage. Their household goods were packed and shipped last week, but won’t make it to Alaska for about three weeks. I was talking with Robin tonight and she mentioned hooking up their TiVo. I asked her how they had gotten it so fast, and she told me they had not shipped it with the rest of their stuff. No, they put it in their suitcase and took it with them! Now I know how addictive TiVo is, but these are some diehard fans we are talking about! I thought that was really funny.

I saw four movies this weekend … two in theaters and two on DVD. Sunday evening I went with Brian and Carrie to see “Batman Begins”. It was very good, probably my favorite of all the Batman flicks. I read a profound review of it on John Chandler’s blog. Really made me think. I must say, though, it was hard to see Rachel Dawes played by Katie Holmes and not think of Tom Cruise. Kinda spoiled her character a little. On Monday, I went to see “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. It was a sweet chick flick, and I enjoyed it.

I rented “Ray” and “The Aviator”. I was actually choked up at the end of “Ray” when it showcased Ray Charles’ part in the civil rights movement in Georgia. I am still humming “Georgia, Georgia…”

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