This past Saturday, I got to do pottery with Glenda. It’s really, really fun, but takes years and years of practice to do it really well. Just getting the clay centered is very difficult (as you’ll see in the video). I realized after I edited the clips together that I should have put the clip of me first so everyone would think I was doing really well until they saw how good Glenda is. Now when you see her first and then me, it’s very obvious I am just a beginner.

Glenda helped me straighten out and finish up my bowl. Here it is ready to dry, be trimmed, fired, painted and glazed, and fired again.


  1. I’m impressed. You did quite well.

  2. Fun, fun!!

    Megan wants to try that. Maybe the next time we visit!

  3. Be sure to show it again when it is completed.

  4. Looks like fun.

    And I liked how you defied the convention that bowls should be symmetric by making it an oval. It shows your creativity.

  5. Oh, if only it were an oval! ; )

  6. Looks perfect to me!

  7. Looks like fun!

  8. I think you did an excellent job! Looks like something fun to do….once. It could certainly become a very expensive hobby!

  9. I use to make tons of pottery in school. I loved it!! Wish I could do it again, but there isn’t a very good place around here. It’s very peaceful when you get it right.

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