blurbI was reading a friend’s blog today and she had posted about a website where you can turn your blog into a book. She has downloaded 54 pages of her blog and is having her very own book made! It sounds like a fun idea, especially for topical entries. Richard & Dianna, your Alaska trip would make a great book!


  1. That looks pretty cool. I don’t have any thing worth binding but as you say Richard’s Alaska blog might be a candidate.

  2. That is really cool and quite affordable! Hmmm….

  3. That is a neat idea, and I agree that the price is not bad.

    If I thought printed book were the future I might be tempted, but I think electronic media is probably what we all have in store. I actually wrote my entire Alaska Trip as a journal in Word, then cut and pasted it into WordPress for publishing. Therefore I have it in book form already, minus the covers, a few of the pictures and some formatting.

    Once I started journaling last year I couldn’t stop and have continued to keep a journal in that same way. Many of the entries do not make it to our Blog since they are of little interest to anyone else, but when I do post to the Blog, the entry is copied into my journal as well.

    Thanks for the link Donna.

  4. Very cool Donna! I can see this as a nice thing to give your kids once you get a decent amount of posts.

  5. I agree that it’s great to downsize and declutter when it comes to lots of printed media, paper copies, and photos upon photos in boxes and boxes, but there is something to be said for a beautiful meaningful book you can hold in your hands and pass down to your children’s children. R, I still think hard copies of your Alaska trip might be very nice gifts for Deidra and Dominic at the very least. Especially since your kids don’t follow your blog very closely.

  6. I’m making one full of our pregnancy and new baby journey. I think it will make an invaluable keepsake for Liam.

  7. This software doesn’t work with a plain old WordPress blog. It has to be on or one of the other supported blog sites.

    I did find a pretty cool website that will turn your blog into a PDF for free. All your really need to do is login to your blog, go to Manage, click on Export and save the file. Then you click on “PDF” on that web page and it will walk you through the rest. It took about 2 minutes to turn my blog into a PDF.

  8. Did my comment get held because I put a link in it? This software won’t work with our blogs.

  9. Don, your comment was in my spam folder. I “de-spammed” it and there it is.

    Thanks for the research. Too bad about, but you found another option. I suppose you could use blurb by submitting the PDF, right?

  10. Yes, Thanks Don! I made my blog into a PDF using the BlogBooker software and it turned out to be 359 pages. It took about 15 minutes and resulted in a 12M PDF. It looks pretty good but I found a few strange things in the way it converted photos. Right now it seems like an all or nothing process. It would be nice if you could apply some selection criteria. I am guessing that would have to be in WordPress. The only option available on my version was to select an author.

    All in all, it was a good find and I now have a copy of my BLOG in PDF format.

  11. I’m not sure if blurb can use a PDF but maybe. The job done on the PDF of my site was pretty decent. It had the embedded pictures and all the links and comments too.

  12. Donna — I left a comment too and it has not appeared. Am I spam also?

  13. Okay, brothers, quit spamming me! 🙂
    Sorry, I don’t know why Aksimet thought those were spam. I have tried to teach it well, but sometimes it misbehaves anyway.

  14. I LOVE blurb!!! I’m making a book for Liam , and I’m using it as an option for my mom to sell with her photography. You can make so many different types of books. Thank you aunt donna!!!

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