It seems someone wants to hear about my exciting life. So here the most exciting thing that has happened in the last few months.

I painted the family room, dining room, living room and hall. It took me four weekends. It would/should have only taken me three, except I painted the family room three times. I couldn’t get a color that I liked, and kept tweaking it. I purchased 4 sample pots and painted big swatches all around the room.

Paint looks different on every wall at at all times of the day in my house. I wanted a greyish greenish beige. But the color I picked turned out to be more greyish than greenish beige when I got it on the whole room. So I added a squeeze of brown. That helped, but it was still a bit too green. So I added another squeeze of brown and a squeeze of orange.

That made it lots better. The guy at Home Depot color matched it for me and I now have the Behr formula if anyone wants it.

I borrowed Daryl’s tall (and extremely heavy) ladder to reach the highest peaks in the vaulted living room, moving it a few feet at a time around the room until I completed the circuit. Daryl delivered it before I started, helped me move my biggest furniture around, and came and fetched it when I was done. (Thanks, Daryl!) Just in time, because the next weekend, he broke his collar bone and a rib, and I’m afraid the ladder would still be here in my living room if he hadn’t gotten it home before that event.

The best thing about painting (besides the fresh color update, of course) is that everything is nice and clean for a few weeks. I washed windows, drapes and curtains, vacuumed under all the furniture, and dusted all the picture frames before putting the rooms back together.

Kitchen is next, this fall, and then I may paint my bedroom this winter.

And that, folks, is my exciting life!


  1. That does indeed sound exciting, especially the part about painting the room three times. Too bad the nuance is lost on us color blind guys. We’ll have to come visit next time we are in the valley.

  2. I think you’ve painted 3 or 4 times since we’ve moved in and we still have the original paint. You’re setting a bad example for my wife, as she is getting more and more insistent that we have to paint!

  3. You guys must be hard up for blog reads if you both read and even commented on something as mundane as my painting adventure! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. I’m trying to comment, but I am not having any luck. I’ve tried three times, and nothing has shown up. Once more. It looks fine to me, but you can no longer believe what I see. Yesterday, I looked at my blouse, and thought, “I don’t remember that I had a purple top”. Someone told me, “It’s a soft lime green shade.” I still like your paint; to me it’s a nice beige; am I right?

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