Make A Wish gave Lauren a party on Sunday. It was the official “granting” of her wish. It was held at L.I.F.E. and there were lots of family and friends there. A photographer from the Arizona Republic was also there taking photos for another article on the center.

azcentralThe reporter interviewed Carrie on Monday and the article is posted online this evening. For a short while, it is the front page photo of I’m sure it won’t be there 24 hours from now, but tonight, Lauren’s famous.

You can find the complete article here. I posted pictures of the party in my gallery.


  1. I posted pictures of the party on my gallery.

  2. Nice pictures. I really liked the one of Carsten toddling. I didn’t see any pics with my daughter or son-in-law though? Were they there?

  3. It’s too bad they didn’t put any pix of the carousel in as that is what they went there for!

  4. Carrie was very disappointed they didn’t mention Make A Wish or show the carousel, too. However, Lauren wasn’t giving the Az Republic photographer many smiles while she was riding (and she also kept putting her fingers in her mouth and nose), so that’s probably why they picked this one.

    The reporter wasn’t at the party (just the photographer). The reporter came the next day when LIFE was open, and interviewed staff and parents, as well as Carrie, for her article.

  5. The article in the Newspaper did have a picture of Lauren on the carousel and had a caption under the picture about the Make A Wish Foundation. It just didn’t make it on the website.

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