Last weekend I went to Williams, Arizona for a women’s retreat with 400 ladies from my church. We were at the Lost Canyon Camp owned and operated by Young Life. It was a great weekend, with nights in the 30′s and days reaching mid-70′s. Glorious! And the program was glorious, too. Our speaker was Lysa TerKuerst, a well known author and radio personality in the Christian community. She has appeared on Dr. Dobson’s radio program, and used to be a frequent guest on Larry Burkett’s show. She has an incredible testimony, from coming out of an abusive childhood, to the death of a baby sister when Lysa was a teenager, to a couple of years ago she and her husband adopting two teenage boys from Liberia, Africa to go along with their three little blond, blue-eyed daughters. I drove up Friday evening with my two friends, Glenda and Jan. I took a few pictures around the camp, and posted them on my gallery.

On Tuesday, Carrie called and invited me to join Brian and her at Jeeper’s Jungle Jim Playland for pizza and playtime with the kids. Robin worked at Jungle Jim’s when she was in high school, and it is still very much the same, although I’m sure it has changed hands many times. The rides and games are pretty good (for free) and both kids had a ball. Lauren is starting to get back out in public a little bit and play with other children. She is totally enthralled with the “new” experiences. I had my camera and snapped several pictures while the kids played.

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  1. A few days in the high country sounds more and more delightful as temperatures break 100. Looks like a beautiful setting.


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