Here are 10 websites I check out every day or so. How about posting some you like?

  1. Mashable – all the latest and greatest news about the technology world (main emphasis on social media).
  2. Pioneer Woman – the personal website of a rancher’s wife living in rural Oklahoma. She writes humorously about life, photography, and best of all, country cooking.
  3. Six Year Med – the author has been blogging since she started med school, and is now a Resident in Pediatrics. Her posts are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always touching.
  4. Cake Wrecks – when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.
  5. Jim’s Pancakes – a father who makes art out of pancakes for his children.
  6. Catalog Living – all about the lives of the fictional people (Gary & Elaine) who live in home decorating catalogs.
  7. Micro Preemie Twins – Eden and Holland were born at 24 weeks; they are 6 years old now.
  8. TVLine – Michael Ausiello’s celebrity blog.
  9. Lily the Black Bear Den Cam – Lily gave birth to twin cubs on January 21, broadcast live on a webcam; she has a yearling in the den with her. The world keeps watch of their activities as she nurses and cares for all three young bears.
  10. Lauren’s Institute for Education – need I say more? Check it out if you haven’t visited lately. The website has really expanded.

I got a Sony Reader for Christmas, but decided to exchange it for a reader that I could synchronize with my iPhone. I have been using the Kindle app for almost a year and thought that was what I wanted. However, when I did just a little research, I discovered the Kindle cannot download library books and that was a very important feature for me. The Barnes & Noble Nook does library books and purchased books, has a large selection of free books on Barnes & Noble’s website, and also has an sync-able app for the iPhone, so I decided to go with that. I made my exchange at Walmart on December 30.

After setting up my Nook account, downloading a few books from both the B&N website and the Phoenix Digital Library, and having the Nook in my hands for several hours, I began to have second thoughts about the product and kept thinking about that smaller, thinner, lighter-weight Kindle. The inability to access library books nagged at me less and less, and the more I held the Nook in my hand, the less satisfied I became. I decided to exchange it for a Kindle.

Today I cleared my account from the Nook, reset the factory settings, and took it back to Walmart. When I presented it at the customer service counter, the clerk told me e-readers may only be returned within 14 days of purchase. I am 10 days too late.

Now I want a Kindle, but cannot return my Nook. And now I know how Daryl felt when he got his MDX.  At least I know he finally became happy, so I probably will, too. I have found that your perspective usually changes when your options vanish.

This post is not about the 1987 Rob Reiner movie, but rather a very special little girl who got to play a unique role in the wedding of an angel.

Diana Poetter has been Lauren’s friend and therapist since before Lauren was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome. She has been a precious treasure to our family because of all the time, energy and love she has given Lauren during her journey with this disease. Diana “works” five days a week for Carrie, attending to Lauren’s therapies, daily exercises, meals, bathing, meds, etc. I wrote “works” in quotes because it is evident that her career is very much a labor of love.

Diana became engaged last year to a wonderfully sweet young man and they set their wedding date for New Year’s Day, 1-1-11. The very next thing Diana did was to ask Lauren to be in her wedding as her “Princess Bride”. Lauren would be walked down the aisle by her daddy, wearing a “wedding dress” just like Diana’s. We know Lauren will never have her own real wedding, and this was Diana’s gift to our family of allowing us to have the special moments that a mother has of dressing her daughter in a wedding gown, a father has of walking his daughter down the aisle, and all the family members have of watching that take place.

I forgot to take my camera to the church, so all I got were pictures taken with my iPhone. Some are blurry, but they actually are a perfect capture of how I saw Lauren that day… through the blur of tears. It was a beautiful wedding, two beautiful brides, and a beautiful day!

Carrie was the first bridesmaid down the aisle.

Here is Brian walking Lauren down the aisle.

Nathan was the guest book attendant.

Lauren with Diana and Jeremy.

Robin and the kids were in town and also attended the wedding. Here are Nathan, Steven and Megan.

Here are a few from the reception. I caught Mom with a mouthful of dinner. And Megan playing with Andrew. Carrie stopped by the cake table.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Robin or me. But please believe me, we were there!

Congratulations Diana and Jeremy. May God bless your marriage!

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