In my last post, I teased a story about an eventful stop at the bank that Megan, Steven and I made while I was in Boise. All’s well that ends well, but the journey was quite frustrating.

It all started on Friday afternoon as the kids and I were out geocaching, and we wanted to stop and get some late lunch. I needed cash, and checked my iPhone for the closest Bank of America so I could access an ATM without incurring fees. We found one about two miles away, and swung into the drive up ATM lane. The car ahead of me pulled away, and I pulled up. I remembered I had a couple of small checks in my purse that needed to be deposited, so I made the deposit first, then selected “Another transaction. Withdraw cash. $100”. The machine whirred and clicked and a message appeared telling me to take my cash below. The only problem was, there was no cash below.

My card was returned and I pulled around to the parking lot and the kids and I went inside. Approaching the Welcome desk, I briefly explained what happened, and the teller told me I would have to speak to a “Personal Banker”. There were three, each with customers. So we waited. And waited. And waited. The kids played with apps on my iPhone, read books, and asked how much longer. I was in the process of downloading a bank app to my iPhone so I could check my balance and see if the $100 had gone out of my account when a PB opened up and invited me in.

I explained what happened, and he checked my account. He said the deposit showed up, and $100 did go out of my account. I would have to talk to the ATM Fraud department. He escorted me to a small customer conference room and dialed the number for me.

I had to enter my account number, my social security number, and another personal identifying tidbit, and then was transferred to a customer service rep. I explained what had happened, and she asked me for my account number, my social security number and another personal identifying tidbit. She verified that the $100 did go out of my account, and she would transfer me to the ATM Fraud department. When someone answered, I explained what had happened, and she asked me for my account number, my social security number and another personal identifying tidbit. She verified that there might be a problem with the ATM and she would transfer me to the ATM Claims department. That’s when my call got disconnected.

I started over, and you can reread the above paragraph to know what happened. Right before the third representative transferred my call, she gave me the direct line number to the claims department in case I got disconnected again. You guessed it; I got disconnected again. Meanwhile, the kids were asking how much longer. They were being SOOOO good!!!

The third time I called back, I was able to get directly to the Claims department, give her my account number, my social security number, and another personal identifying tidbit, and within two minutes she had credited the $100 back to my account. Whoo hoo!! We were on our way. But not before I got some cash, because remember, the ATM had failed to dispense it. I was ATM-shy by that time, and went to the teller and wrote a check.

We stopped for some pie later that afternoon, and I reached for my sweater. It was missing and I knew I had left it at the bank. We drove back down and guess what we found? Two repair trucks in the drive up lane tearing the ATM apart! I felt so vindicated.

I recently went to Boise to spend some time with the Holsingers. It had been very rainy for several weeks prior to my visit, but I must have taken some nice weather to them because it was lovely while I was there. The first couple days were a bit on the cool side, but it warmed up nicely on the weekend.

Megan had her spring dance recital while I was there (it was the reason for scheduling the visit that weekend), and she did beautifully! She is in her 7th year of ballet, and switched from tap to modern jazz this season. I was stunned at how much she has advanced this year in her ballet level. Each year, I usually see some progression, but this year she was really beautiful! Compared to the other girls in her class, she had the most grace, lightness and beautiful smile of anyone on stage. And I promise you, I’m not prejudiced! 🙂

While Megan and Robin were at dress rehearsal, I took Steven geocaching for the first time. He got the idea very quickly, and we found three caches, and only had one DNF (did not find). He especially loved going through the treasures in each cache container and making trades for items in my bag of goodies. (Incidentally, I believe I came home with more treasures than I went with. Sorry, cache owners!) After Megan was through with rehearsal and we had a bite of early dinner, we all three went out to see if we could find any more caches before dark. We were successful on three more, with another DNF. (In our defense, there was a Cold Stone Creamery next door that was calling out to us, and we had to abandon the search to go get ice cream.)

Robin had to work for six hours on Friday, so the kids and I had a day of adventure. We found five caches, two DNFs, and searched for two others before reading the logs to discover they had been muggled and/or removed. We also had breakfast and lunch out, and made an eventful stop at the bank. I’ll write about that adventure in another post sometime.

I walked each day with the kids on bikes or scooters. They have a beautiful neighborhood, so it was a treat to have a new walking track for several days.

We went out for lunch after church on Sunday and the waiter snapped our picture for us. This was the same restaurant Robin and Ken took Richard and Dianna to the week before, and we also sat out on the patio overlooking the river.

Robin mentioned the possibility of coming to Arizona for Thanksgiving. I don’t know if they’ll be able to make it happen, but I really hope they do. It’s been a couple years since the whole family has been here and Arizona is certainly a great place to get away from the cold and snow of Idaho in November.  Maybe Dale can join us again.

My trip home was uneventful, and I was back at work on Tuesday.

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